Apache Unveils Sentinel for System-Level Power Integrity, IO-SSO, EMI

Apache Design Solutions, the technology leader in SoC power integrity announces Sentinel, a new product line to address system-level power integrity, IO-SSO, and EMI challenges. Sentinel combines the chip’s core switching, power delivery network (PDN), I/O sub-system, and package / PCB models in a single environment for accurate IC-package co-design from early prototyping to signoff.

The Sentinel product line spans three new solutions:

  • Sentinel-CPM for chip-package power integrity, LC resonance
  • Sentinel-SSO for high-capacity I/O SSO, optimal pad / package selection
  • Sentinel-EMI for EMI (electromagnetic inteference) noise source modeling

Apache’s RedHawk product line has been leading the market in SoC dynamic power and noise. The new Sentinel solutions extend the focus to IC-package co-design, a critical market for system performance optimization and cost reduction.

Sentinel-CPM is the industry’s first compact chip power model for IC dynamic power behavior. Sentinel-CPM accurately models the spatial and temporal switching characteristics of digital core, memories and IPs. It also models the on-die P/G resistance, decoupling capacitance and transistor parasitics. Sentinel-CPM is derived from full-chip dynamic simulation, P/G extraction and wideband network reduction. It delivers the accuracy of silicon-correlated RedHawk signoff engine with proprietary reduction technique to provide orders of magnitude speed up for IC-package-PCB co-simulation. The compact, Spice-compatible Sentinel-CPM model enables system and I/O designers to accurately and efficiently analyze the system power and signal integrity (SI) behavior including LC resonance, noise budgeting, and optimal package selection early in the design process.

Sentinel-SSO is a high-capacity I/O subsystem solution for combined power and signal integrity. It accurately models all noise sources and channels that impact the timing and signal integrity of I/O subsystem, including I/O power grid, on-die decoupling capacitance, chip’s core power model, as well as off-chip noise channels from wide-band package and PCB models. Sentinel-SSO is the first in the industry to deliver a global IO-SSO simulation solution with SPICE-level accuracy, the capacity to handle an entire bank of I/O subsystem, and a physical layout based automated flow. With Sentinel-SSO, I/O and system designers can analyze the SSO and SI impact on timing and jitter, determine the I/O pad selections and placement, optimize power/ground to signal ratio, and resolve the system timing closure issues associated with IC-package-PCB co-design in high-speed interfaces such as DDR.

Sentinel-EMI delivers a compact SPICE model of full-chip internal clocked power network for system EMI analysis. Sentinel-EMI captures spatial and temporal switching characteristics of digital core, memories and IPs, as well as the distributed on-die RC parasitics. It also models the noise coupling from digital core power supply to the I/O pad output through I/O power delivery network. Sentinel-EMI enables system designers to gain better understanding of those mystery board-level radiations that can not be accounted for by modeling only the active toggling of I/O buffers. With Sentinel-EMI, chip and system designers can quantitatively analyze system EMI and mitigate potential sources of risk prior to production.

“Apache recognizes that power is a system-wide challenge, not just an IC related issue,” said Dian Yang, vice president of product management at Apache. “By delivering the new Sentinel product line, we are leveraging our core competencies in SoC power and noise to address the system-level power integrity, signal integrity, and EMI challenges faced by the system designers.”

The Sentinel product line is a fully integrated system with the ability to analyze, debug, diagnose, and optimize the IC-Package-Board system in a single environment.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for the Sentinel product line starts at $100,000 USD for either Sentinel-CPM or Sentinel-SSO. Sentinel-EMI is priced at $50,000 and requires Sentinel-CPM. Sentinel-CPM is available now, Sentinel-SSO will be available in Q3, and Sentinel-EMI by end of the year.

About Apache Design Solutions
Apache delivers the leading power sign-off solution adopted by 80% of top IDM, fabless semiconductor, and foundries and a complete platform solution for silicon integrity of SoC, analog IP, and system designs. Apache’s innovative platform considers all sources of noise that impacts the design–such as power, signal, package / system IO, substrate, and temperature–Apache’s silicon integrity platform enables designers of leading networking, wireless, communication, consumer, and semiconductor companies to detect, fix, and prevent design weaknesses that can result in reduced yield and failed silicon or system. Apache’s vendor-neutral solutions enable designers to adopt any industry-standard physical design flow and are certified by TSMC’s Reference Flows (NYSE:TSM).

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