Quantum Data Unveils HDMI Generator-Analyzer Video Test Instrument

Quantum Data(TM), a worldwide provider of test equipment used to identify and help solve interoperability problems between audio/video/control products, announced a new model 882EA combination generator/analyzer video test instrument. The new instrument helps manufacturers of source and repeater products bring next-generation version 1.3 High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) audio, video and control interfaces to market faster and without interoperability problems.

Quantum Data’s new model 882EA generates and analyzes 36-bit deep color video. By emulating both source and sink devices, the instrument allows manufacturers of displays, set-top boxes, disc players and repeaters to easily verify that the devices’ HDMI ports are well integrated and functioning properly.

HDMI is a prime digital interface for connecting displays to home theater, broadcast and gaming sources. Version 1.3 of the interface is backwards compatible with previous versions and adds options for wide-gamut color, faster pixel rates, cable equalization, smaller connectors, advanced audio formats and lip-sync correction, in addition to deep color. Video test equipment checks HDMI compliance and interoperability during development of source and display products, and detects defects during manufacturing.

Quantum Data’s new model 882EA test instrument uses the latest chips from Silicon Image, which are capable of generating and analyzing triple 12-bit/component colors in 4:4:4 sampling mode up to 165M pixels/second. The instrument’s generator emulates a source device while it renders images that can, for example, reveal “banding” in fine color transitions on a display under test. Likewise, the instrument’s analyzer emulates a sink device and presents a programmable EDID, while it measures video timing, deep color image components, InfoFrames and pixel errors emanating from a source under test. The 882EA has a unique scan-converter that allows users to view incoming source content on a high-resolution digital display with pixel-to-pixel accuracy and arbitrary (fixed) timing.

As with previous test instruments from Quantum Data, the model 882EA outputs any video format on-demand, renders test images, produces test tones, and supports EDID, CEC and HDCP compliance testing of HDMI sources, repeaters and sinks. The enhancement provides dual HDMI/DVI Tx outputs and dual HDMI/DVI Rx inputs for testing HDMI(TM) v1.3 36-bit deep color sources.

The new 882EA test instruments will begin shipping in four to six weeks but orders can be taken immediately. Upgrade programs have also been specified and can be ordered immediately as well.

About Quantum Data
For 27 years Quantum Data has been at the leading edge of the audio/video testing industry. Quantum Data invents test equipment that is used to identify and help solve interoperability problems between audio/visual products. These problems delay the delivery of next generation technologies. Quantum Data test equipment is used by all major consumer electronics manufacturers. Quantum Data is headquartered in Elgin, Ill.

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