Lanner Rolls Out 2 Network Communication Appliances

Lanner Electronics Inc, a premier provider of networking communication platforms, is pleased to announce the addition of the FW-6440 and FW-6490, two entry-level network communication platforms designed for rapid deployment in low-power and cost-sensitive security applications.

“Our customers have been demanding this technology, and today we are happy to deliver,” said Lawrence Chao, Executive Vice President. “With VIA C3 platforms quickly reaching end-of-life, Lanner is pleased to offer system integrators a superior migration option with rich integrated features.”

The competitive small business market requires hardware that performs well and is cost effective. Our latest offering does just that. Based on VIA CN700 architecture, the FW-6440 and FW-6490 delivers a value-proposition for small business security solutions.

Lanner Electronics Network Communication ApplianceWith an onboard VIA C7 processor up to 2GHz with integrated PadLock Security engine, software engineers can leverage hardware acceleration engines to increase system performance. Furthermore, since these two models share a common architecture, customer’s can interchange between both desktop and rackmount form factors, without modifying application code.

Both models include four integrated Ethernet ports with one pair supporting abnormal state packet bypass, allowing easy deployment in front-line security applications where reliability is a key concern. Moreover, this product includes optional networking modules inclusive of a 4-port switch or extra Ethernet port, allowing you to deliver innovative and value adding solutions, right out of the box.

Computex Taipei 2007
The FW-6440 and FW-6490 will showcase in our booth at Computex 2007. Stop by and discover how Lanner can help you bring solutions to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.

About Lanner
Founded in 1986 and publicly listed (TAIEX 6245) since 2003, Lanner Electronics Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified designer and manufacturer of reliable, frontline security, storage and applied computing platforms and solutions. With headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and branches in the U.S., India, and China, Lanner is uniquely positioned to deliver custom technical solutions with localized, value-added service.