ADLINK Introduces Analog Output Multi-Function DAQ Cards

ADLINK introduces their new DAQe-2500 series of high-speed and high-performance analog output multi-function data acquisition cards based on the high-bandwidth PCI Express(R) bus. These new cards can update up to 8-CH 12-bit analog outputs simultaneously at a sustained rate of 1 MS/s. This series also features a hardware-based arbitrary waveform generation which frees up CPU resources for optimal system efficiency, even when all analog outputs are updating at full speed.

This family of DAQe cards integrate up to 8-CH, 400 kS/s, 14-bit single ended analog inputs with programmable polarity. There cards are able to perform simultaneous analog input and output functions at full speed. Like all ADLINK DAQe cards, the DAQe-2500 series features an SSI (system synchronization interface) bus to allow up to four cards to be synchronized for simplified expansion of testing capabilities.

ADLINK DAQe-2500 Analog Output Multi-Function DAQ CardsThe DAQe-2500 series of data acquisition cards are also equipped with auto-calibration that adjusts the gain and offset to within specified parameters to ensure testing accuracy regardless of the environment uncertainty. These cards also offer scatter-gather bus mastering to allow the acquisition of a large amount of data at a high speed by transferring data directly to and from the memory through the DMA controller.

Price and Availability
The DAQe-2500 series of cards are competitively priced starting at $690 and are available with discounts in volume.

About ADLINK Technology
ADLINK Technology is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality PC-based add-on cards for the test & measurement, automation and process control industries. ADLINK is also quickly emerging as a leader in industrial computing products with innovative passive backplane and CompactPCI platforms. ADLINK products are globally marketed through direct sales offices for OEM customers and an extensive network of worldwide sales channels.