MontaVista Announces Vision Embedded Linux Developers Conference

MontaVista(R) Software, Inc., the leading provider of Linux(R) for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure, announced the Vision 2007 Embedded Linux Developers Conference, to be held at the Santa Clara Marriott in California, October 8-10, 2007. Hosted by MontaVista, and including platinum sponsors Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Intel, and Texas Instruments, the Vision 2007 event is expected to bring the latest tips, techniques, and tools to hundreds of embedded Linux developers.

In addition to new product introductions and educational sessions on industry topics, the Vision 2007 Partner Pavilion will showcase the latest development tools and hardware platforms from dozens of companies. Developers who attend the conference will learn new ways to accelerate Linux development processes and to improve the functionality, security, and performance of intelligent devices, from smart phones to industrial robots to TV set-top boxes and more.

“I use MontaVista Linux on the ATCA platform for Universal Convergence Gateway,” said Santosh Gupta, Senior Software Engineer at Azaire Networks, the leading provider of multi-access network solutions. “Total understanding and control of the networking stack for security and performance is critical. I am looking forward to learning more about those aspects at the Vision 2007 conference.”

At Vision 2007, more than 30 keynote presentations and breakout sessions will feature:

  • Linux industry speakers, including Andrew Morton, maintainer of the mm tree kernel patchset; Jim Ready, MontaVista founder and CTO; Jonathan Corbet, editor of; Christopher Hallinan, author of the #1 selling book on embedded Linux, Embedded Linux Primer; and dozens more top developers and industry experts.
  • Multiple-session tracks focused on key topics, including the open source community, advanced Linux development, improving application quality, and hardware-specific development.
  • Birds-of-a-feather sessions for developers to exchange ideas about networking, security, licensing, and the Linux kernel.
    A one-day “Bootcamp for Beginners” at the start of the conference to help bring new embedded Linux developers up to speed.

“Vision 2007 attendees will meet some of the top minds in their field, will learn about today’s hottest topics, and will find new ways to make their development efforts more competitive,” said Tom Kelly, president and CEO of MontaVista Software. “We expect this conference to be an educational and rewarding experience for all embedded Linux developers, and we look forward to meeting them in Santa Clara in October.”

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