Toumaz Technology, Healthe Team on Sensium Solutions for Sports Medicine

Toumaz Technology Limited, the leading provider of ultra-low power wireless infrastructure for body monitoring solutions, announces that it has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with health and wellness group Healthe International Pte Ltd to jointly develop solutions for sports medicine and rehabilitation therapy applications. The agreement marks the start of a commercial collaboration to trial solutions based on Sensium(TM)-enabled ultra small size body-worn wireless monitors and Healthe’s database for elite athletes, Healthe Sport. Toumaz’s Sensium sensor interface and transceiver platform enables intelligent, ultra-low power wireless monitoring of multiple vital signs – including ECG heart rate, body temperature, respiration and activity level – in real-time, via standard PDAs, cellphones, laptops and PCs.

Headquartered in Singapore, Healthe Group is an international organisation that provides a wide range of health and wellness solutions, from the largest privately-owned private hospital network in Australia, to state-of-the-art sports performance database systems, corporate health and wellness programmes and individual personal health records. Health Sport, the company’s specialised sports healthcare and research system, is designed to help accredited doctors and sports physicians share athlete medical records and clinical data, and manage the condition of elite sportsmen and women. The system, which is based on Oracle’s Healthcare Transaction Base (HTB), is currently being used by the Australian Olympic Team and the company is working closely with other elite sporting organisations to implement the system.

Commenting on the announcement, Ben Thynne, Managing Director of Healthe International, said, “The signing of this LOI is the first step in a very exciting collaboration between our two companies. The potential for Toumaz’s Sensium technology in the sports medicine market is immense, and we look forward to exploring opportunities to combine the strengths of our offerings and delivering a new wave of sports monitoring applications fit for the world’s top athletes.”

“Healthe is an internationally recognised leader in the field of sports healthcare management, and we are delighted to be announcing the start of our commercial relationship,” added Toumaz Technology Co-Founder and COO, Keith Errey. “We see huge opportunities for a combined Sensium and Healthe Sports solution to have a positive impact in areas such as training, sport optimisation and post-operative fitness, and we look forward to working together to bring these solutions to market.”

About Toumaz Technology
Toumaz Technology Limited is the leading provider of ultra-low power wireless infrastructure for body monitoring solutions. Toumaz’s ultra low-power smart sensor interface and transceiver platform – the Sensium(TM) – enables non-intrusive, real-time wireless monitoring of multiple vital signs for a wide range of healthcare and lifestyle management applications. Based on Toumaz’s patented ultra-low power Advanced Mixed Signal (AMx)(TM) technology, the Sensium provides the enabling technology to connect the mobile individual to healthcare providers – simply, affordably and unobtrusively. For healthcare professionals, this transforms the possibilities for pro-active monitoring and improved quality of care. For patients, it delivers new opportunities for lifestyle-compatible, personalised healthcare, as well as better therapeutic outcomes.

About Healthe
Healthe is an international health and wellness organisation with operations in Singapore and Australia. It was formed in 2002 with a vision to provide an affordable and easy way for Australians to better manage and improve their health and wellness. Through a wide range of services and solutions, Healthe has the ability to impact on the lives of every person within our community in a positive way.