Renesas, VaST to Develop Virtual Prototypes of Processor Platforms

VaST Systems announced a global partnership with the Automotive Business Unit of Renesas Technology Corporation to develop and deliver virtual prototypes of Renesas’ high-performance processor platforms using VaST technology. The platforms will be used by mutual customers worldwide for software development, architectural analysis, and system verification.

Renesas’ past experience has shown that employing VaST virtual prototypes reduce schedule, shorten software development time, and enable improvements in product quality.

The partnership initially focuses on enhancements to SH2A and R32C based platforms, with customer releases available in October of 2007. Future platforms will be announced later.

“Modern automobiles are increasingly controlled electronically and their design requires innovative development processes that employ virtual platforms,” said Tsotomu Miki, Head of the Renesas Automotive Business Unit. “Renesas has responded to these demands as a microcomputer manufacturer and VaST has led in the development of virtual prototyping technology and best practices in the application of this technology. Together we can give our customers competitive advantages in performance, quality, schedule, and cost by using our joint solutions.”

“VaST technology and its unique combination of speed and accuracy are particularly well suited in the demanding automotive markets. We expect this collaboration to add to the significant momentum in the adoption of Renesas’ high performance products,” said Alain Labat, President and CEO of VaST.

About VaST
VaST provides tools and models for embedded system design. Users create a cycle-accurate software model of a system that operates at near real-time speeds under actual software loads. VaST’s solutions are OSCI SystemC-compliant and are used for software development, architecture analysis and system verification. VaST solutions dramatically improve time to market and quality while reducing development costs and risk. Current customers include worldwide leaders in semiconductors, automotive electronics, wireless devices, and consumer electronics. VaST is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with sales and support offices worldwide.