Pro Design to Launch CHIPit v5 ASIC Prototyping Systems at DAC

Pro Design, leading supplier of high-speed ASIC and SoC verification platforms, will launch the complete new CHIPit V5 series, at booth #6678 during the 44th Design Automation Conference (DAC) June 04 – 08 in San Diego, CA. The new CHIPit V5 generation consists of three new CHIPit platforms, the CHIPit Copper Edition V5, the CHIPit Iridium V5 and the flagship the CHIPit Platinum Edition V5.

The CHIPit V5 series of ASIC Prototyping platforms provide verification and validation throughout the SoC and ASIC project life cycle. Based on the latest Xilinx and largest Virtex 5 FPGA technology and an integrated set of tools with debug capabilities the modular CHIPit family gives design engineers unprecedented speed and flexibility to validate algorithm performance, verify hardware implementation, and assist in hardware/software Co-verification to reduce verification time dramatically.

The scalable CHIPit product family (scalable from 1 to 21 FPGAs Xilinx Virtex-5 LX330) can handle capacities up to 28 M ASIC gates and run at system speeds of up to 200 MHz. Based on this speed it is the best choice for pre-silicon software development.

The new CHIPit V5 generation provides many significant new features. Besides a higher number of I/Os and FPGA interconnections, larger capacity, and better performance compared to the previous version the software environment for the design and system handling and specific the debugging environment has also improved a lot.

“We carefully listened to our customers and worked closely together with them to develop our new generation of the CHIPit ASIC verification systems. Our new CHIPit V5 series and our complete new software environment, offer the most comfortable and easy to use ASIC Prototyping systems than ever before,” said Heiko Mauersberger, CTO of ProDesign.