e-con Systems Receives Order for Freescale i.MX31-based Board Design

e-con Systems, a leading design services company based out of chennai, India announced that it has grabbed an order for board design based on Freescale’s i.MX31 processor running Linux 2.6.18. The project involves design and development of board running on i.MX 31 processor at 532 Mhz. supporting peripherals like Wi-Fi, Ethernet with a considerably long battery back up.

e-con was selected for its expertise in hardware design suitable for low power consumption as well as its ability to take full responsibility for end to end product development, starting from concept to board design, Firmware, Linux BSP development, and manufacturing. However further details about the project can not be shared, abiding a strict NDA with the customer.

About i.MX 31
i.MX31 is Freescale’s multimedia application rich processor, based on an advanced ARM11(TM) core and developed around Freescale’s Smart Speed(TM) architecture, the i.MX31 processor has many features enabling product line differentiation without requiring significant engineering re-work viz. This enables OEMs to rapidly deploy a variety of mobile multimedia devices with varying degrees of functionality and features.

The i.MX31 processors are ideal for high performance, low power mobile applications such as video and audio media players, mobile gaming consoles and GPS systems as well as smart phones, PDAs, ultra portable handheld computers and other wireless devices.

About e-con Systems
e-con Systems, an Embedded Product Development Partner based in Chennai India, offers World-class Design and Development services in Embedded Systems Domain viz. Wired/Wireless Networking, Consumer Appliances, Medical and Process Control Applications, Video streaming, Bio-metric security and Surveillance Applications etc. Primarily offering services as below:

  • Firmware design and development
  • Linux, WinCE/Windows Mobile and VxWorks Board Support Packages
  • Device Drivers for Windows, Linux, WinCE/Windows Mobile and VxWorks
  • DSP Firmware on TI/ADI DSP’s
  • Application development
  • Hardware and PCB Design
  • Board Bring up
  • Manufacturing support

Taking forward the Product Development to a new orbit, e-con has pioneered in Productized Services, where e-con provides Reference Platforms and Ready-to-use Product modules that can be seamlessly integrated. In a nutshell, e-con realizes the concept of the customers in to final products which includes Video conferencing equipments, smart phones, industrial data loggers, Loyalty terminals, Video surveillance equipments and point of sale terminals.