eSOL Releases PrCONNECT-Pro High-Speed TCP/IP Protocol Stack

eSOL Co., Ltd. announced the release of their “PrCONNECT/Pro” TCP/IP protocol stack for embedded systems with BSD socket interface. The PrCONNECT/Pro is ideal for full-scale networking equipment, as well as handheld information terminals, including multimedia devices since its performance is over 74Mbps and has a rich set of security, routing, and other protocols.

PrCONNECT/Pro offers the BSD socket as the interface with upper applications, which allows for easy reuse of abundant networking application resources from UNIX-like OS’, including Linux. It also shortens development time and reduces development costs by fully facilitating the use of engineers with application development experience. PrCONNECT/Pro provides protocols including FTP, Telnet, DNS, DHCP and IGMP as defaults; a rich assortment of security protocols including PPP/e-mail, web-server, SSL and IKE library and protocols enabling gateway functions such as NAT or RIP, and SNMP protocol that is required to manage the equipment, are provided as options. Since users have the option to select and use only the necessary features for their specific appliance, the functions meeting the required specifications can be realized with minimum hardware resources.

PrCONNECT/Pro ensures compatibility with the “eT-Kernel”, the enhanced version of T-Kernel, middleware including file system, USB and graphics also offered by eSOL. T-Kernel/µITRON based system development suite “eBinder”, can also be used at the development. By combining these products for development, engineers can build the system base quickly to focus on developing upper applications. They can also improve the efficiency for development by using professional services such as customization for products, custom development for drivers and applications, and products support.

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