DSPCon Offers New Large Mechanical Test Services

DSPCon, Inc., a leading, global supplier of dynamic data acquisition, analysis, archiving and recording solutions for high-value military, aerospace and rotating machinery applications, launched a professional services practice. The new practice will offer a variety of consulting and training programs to assist organizations with large mechanical test operations, such as aerospace and automotive engine manufacturers, to identify and optimize ROI opportunities across the enterprise while meeting regulatory compliance, enhancing revenues, controlling costs and maximizing asset utilization.

Specifically established to augment existing internal engineering resources, the new professional services practice leverages DSPCon’s extensive domain knowledge in electrical and software engineering, applied physics, digital signal processing, dynamic data acquisition, analysis and archiving and software development to help companies not only maximize asset utilization and investment in existing test infrastructure but to identify and quantify positive ROI opportunities in their current and future test and measurement, rotating machinery, shock and vibration and acoustic recording business applications. It will also provide clients with leading-edge training, solutions and software and will address a full range of complex R&D and production applications through the use of advanced NSMS, pyrometry, digital signal, analytical software and computing technologies as well as predictive MTBF and lifecycle analysis methodologies.

“DSPCon has accumulated many years of experience designing, developing and deploying high-value data acquisition and analysis systems, analytical software projects and integrating diverse lab equipment and systems,” said Al Brower, president and chief executive officer of DSPCon. “With this new offering, we are now expanding that expertise, along with our extensive engineering and applied physics resources, to address the increasingly growing number of organizations searching for customized training solutions, practical engineering theory and cutting-edge consulting services leveraging the latest technologies to extract and optimize return on investment opportunities; maximize asset utilization and achieve superior cost-efficiencies.”

The portfolio of professional services offerings includes custom software development, remote or on-site engineering and design consultation, complete “turnkey” system development incorporating DSPCon’s extensive line of COTS-based hardware components, systems integration, risk-mitigation strategies and feasibility studies. It draws upon the Company’s decade and a half of systems integration experience and successful deployment of hundreds of custom solutions which have now become standard offerings in DSPCon’s expanding product suite.

For more information about DSPCon’s professional service practice, please contact our professional services team at 908-722-5656, extension 220.

DSPCon’s product suite includes a full line of high-performance data acquisition and analysis systems, analytical software, digital data recorders and specialized software radios. The Company’s data acquisition and analysis solutions are ideally suited for high-bandwidth, multi-channel applications that require a great deal of processing power, intensive digital signal processing and frequently, some type of bulk storage while its’ digital data recorder line incorporates highly customizable designs utilizing COTS and DSPCon hardware and software to provide users with an extremely broad range of archiving device and channel count options.

In addition to data analyzers and recorders, DSPCon’s integrated software radio and receiver systems offer the commercial, military and government sectors a variety of cost-effective solutions for critical signals intelligence, wideband and narrowband spectral analysis and radar recording and playback applications. DSPCon’s portfolio of analytical software works in conjunction with the Company’s digital signal processing hardware to provide users with robust real-time and post-processing analytical capabilities.

About DSPCon
New Jersey-based DSPCon is a full-service solution provider of high-bandwidth, high- performance data acquisition, analysis and archiving systems for governmental agencies and commercial enterprises in the military, defense, aerospace, avionics, machinery, manufacturing and telecommunications industries. Certified to ISO9001:2000 quality standards, DSPCon solutions empower organizations to streamline test and development cycles and improve operational and production efficiencies by slashing the time between data acquisition and processed analytical results.

Today, DSPCon products and services support a wide variety of mission-critical signal processing applications including acoustic, vibration, shock and rotating machinery analysis; sonar and radar processing; digital data recording and jet engine testing. With hundreds of deployed solutions and over a decade and a half of experience in digital signal processing, systems integration and software development, DSPCon continues to be at the forefront in meeting the unique data acquisition needs of world-class organizations such as Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell and General Dynamics.

DSPCon is a trademark of DSPCon, Inc.