AMI Debuts MegaRAC SP Service Processor Firmware Stack for AST2000

American Megatrends, a leader in computing innovations, announced the MegaRAC SP Service Processor Firmware Stack for AST2000, bringing fully featured, advanced system management to servers utilizing ASPEED system-on-chip.

Today’s mission critical server require a secure, fully featured remote access to the server that gives the system administrator anytime access from anywhere to access power commands, troubleshoot the system or load software. This task is often performed with the use of add-on management cards such as MegaRAC G4, which provides lights-out management capability in a PCI form factor. Newest compact server designs and blade servers require innovative, cost-effective management solutions that take full advantage of available board space, such as System-on-Chip (SoCs) that can support full remote management functionality. The MegaRAC-SP firmware stack brings AMI’s premium remote-management technology to System-on-Chip.

AMI has been closely working with ASPEED Technologies to develop support for AST2000, a high-end silicon chip incorporating VGA/2D Graphics Controller, BMC Controller and KVM over IP Controller.

“We’re excited about the results of our partnership, that opens new possibilities for system management technology. AMI’s MegaRAC SP firmware stack coupled with our powerful AST2000 silicon empowers OEM to design innovative platforms with true out-of-band, lights-out manageability at contained costs,” said Luke Chen, Sales and Marketing Vice-President at ASPEED.

MegaRAC remote management technology is based on advanced compression and redirection algorithms that result in high-quality images with extremely fast transmission rates (30+screens/sec). The administrator obtains clear, efficient remote access that feels and works like being physically in the presence of the remote server. MegaRAC-SP AMI brings a unique set of features and capabilities to OEMs, both for the stunning quality of video redirection and breadth of manageability features.

“MegaRAC-SP, a modular firmware based on embedded Linux, is the outcome of ten years of high-end server management research and development experience from AMI. The firmware modular architecture implements a solid core which ensures the most sophisticated management features, while porting modules ensure compatibility with off-the-shelf server management hardware components,” said Sanjoy Maity, AMI’s Vice-President for Remote Management Products. “MegaRAC-SP is an ideal complement for the AST2000. What’s more, AMI offers unique customization tools for facilitating sensor layout and integrating enhanced features and distinct look and feel into OEMs’ platform designs.”

Based on an embedded Linux 2.6 kernel, MegaRAC-SP high-end features help building next-generation server management. The Service Processor Core firmware provides:

  • IPMI 2.0 stack for sensor monitoring, alerting and event management
  • Virtual KVM, providing high-quality graphical console redirection
  • Virtual media provides the ability to install software from remote location, including “bare metal” OS installation and firmware drivers
  • Integrated Web server
  • SMASH – Command Line Protocol for cross-platform interoperability
  • Web Service Management (WSMAN), an emerging standard for web services
  • CIM Object Manager (CIMOM) as central element within the firmware infrastructure
  • Web 2.0 APIs and RSS Feed
  • RAS (Reliability, Accessibility and Serviceability) Engine

MegaRAC SP can be easily customized and extended with a sophisticated visual development environment MegaRAC Development Studio (DS), a suite of eclipse plug-ins including:

  • Visual Web Developer (WVD) Plug-in for developing UI web-pages
  • CIM SDK Plug-in for developing or customizing new CIM profiles to the Object Manager (CIMOM)
  • IPMI-PDK Plug-in, facilitating sensor layout and platform porting
  • SMASH SDK Plug-in for adding new SMASH profiles
  • WSMAN SDK Plug-in for grafting new web services

ASPEED Technology Inc., a highly innovative fabless company founded in Nov. 2004, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, devotes itself to providing silicon chips, silicon IP and software products that enable sophisticated SOC-centric multimedia, graphics and network applications.

About AST2000
(Graphics & Remote Management Processor) is an industry-leading high-end remote server management processor, incorporating VGA/2D Graphics Controller, BMC Controller and KVMoIP Controller into one silicon chip. Powered by an embedded ARM926EJ 32-bit CPU running at 200MHz, AST2000 integrates 66/33 MHz 32-Bit PCI bus VGA controller enhanced by one Window/Linux compliant 64-bit 2D graphics engine for high quality and high performance video display, IPMI 2.0 compliant BMC controller for remote host platform management, and keyboard, video, mouse, and storage redirection engine for KVM over IP (KVMoIP or iKVM) applications.

About AMI
Founded in 1985 and known worldwide for AMIBIOS(R), American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) supplies state-of-the-art hardware and software to industry-leading OEMs, Resellers, System Integrators and End Users. AMI’s product line includes StorTrends(R) IP Storage Area Networks (IP-SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Management Software, MegaRAC Remote Management Cards and Devices, Remote Management Software and ASICs, Long-Life Motherboards, Backplanes, Enclosure Management Controllers, and AMIBIOS and Aptio(R) (UEFI) Firmware and Utilities. At its core, AMI is focused on R&D and engineering, with more than 85% of its staff dedicated to product development, QA, and technical support. Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, AMI has a global presence, with locations in California, China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan to better serve its customers.