SiConnect Ships Powerline Product Evaluation Kit

SiConnect, the leader in mass market multimedia distribution technology for the home, has begun shipping its first powerline product evaluation kit. The kit enables customers to fully evaluate the capabilities of SiConnect’s PLT050 powerline transceiver, which embodies its unique POEM(R) communication technology.

The evaluation kit contains a pair of Ethernet-to-powerline adapters and all the firmware and software needed to create a powerline bridge for streaming real-time video or audio, transferring data files or sharing broadband access.

On power-up, the kit’s adapters self-configure and automatically connect, the powerline is analysed and the transmission parameters set to optimise the quality of the link and to maximise payload throughput. POEM’s dynamic link optimisation technology then continuously maintains the quality and resilience of the connection by rapidly compensating for changes in line conditions and the topology of the electrical wiring network without interrupting the network application.

Each adapter contains SiConnect’s recently announced PLT050 digital powerline transceiver chip, an Ethernet 10/100 PHY with RJ-45 connector, a line coupler circuit and power supply. The evaluation kit CD-ROM includes the open source VLC media player ( and test video streams to enable full demonstration of QoS-sensitive multicast and unicast video streaming using both UDP and RTP protocols. Data transfer performance can be demonstrated using FTP file transfer protocols.

The evaluation kit is designed to comply with all international EMC and safety regulations and is available from SiConnect in three different power plug versions: European (PLT050-EVK-EU), United Kingdom (PLT050-EVK-UK) and US (PLT050-EVK-US).

The PLT050 is SiConnect’s first product to feature its patented POEM home networking technology. POEM delivers unique capabilities to powerline communication: low cost, high data throughput, low error rates, whole home coverage, strong link resilience, low payload latency and global EMC compliance.

The PLT050′s exceptional quality of service and throughput combines with its consumer electronics price-point to make it suitable for mass market multi-room streaming video applications, high fidelity streaming audio distribution and broadband sharing around the whole home. The device provides Ethernet and USB interfaces, and requires no external RAM. Reference designs are available for adapters and embedded solutions.

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