Mocana Embedded IPsec/IKE Receives VPNC Certification

Mocana, a software company that is enabling a secure networked society, announced that its Embedded IPsec/IKE solution has achieved certification from the Virtual Private Network Consortium (VPNC), including: VPNC Basic Interoperability, AES Interoperability, IKE X.509 Certificate, IKE aggressive mode and for VPN toolkit compliance. VPNC is the international trade association for manufacturers in the VPN market. A third party certification of this kind acknowledges that Embedded IPsec/IKE not only meets the VPNC’s security criteria and standards, but that it is highly interoperable with other IPsec systems.

“Mocana is playing a significant role in enabling a secure networked society where everything from cell phones to cars, medical devices, networking equipment and industrial equipment are connected to IP networks,” said Adrian Turner, chief executive officer and president of Mocana. “This is another example of how we are working to provide our customers with solutions that are scalable and recognized as meeting the highest level of industry standards.”

To receive certification from the VPNC, a system is tested against other systems. Most pairs of systems are tested twice, switching roles as initiator and responder. For two systems to be considered interoperable, they each must be able to be initiator and responder. Mocana Embedded IPsec/IKE passed all tests in both directions and of all the companies that achieved AES Interoperability, Mocana was among the top 10.

Mocana Embedded IPsec/IKE supports IKEv2, Mobile IKE, Dual-Mode Operation (IKE + IKEv2) and integrates with Mocana Embedded EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol). Mocana IPsec/IKE is one component of Mocana’s Device Security Framework which is made up of several embeddable components that OEMs and providers of internet-based services can leverage to secure next generation devices and services. Extensible, suited to work with single and multi-core processors, and able to leverage hardware acceleration, Mocana’s Device Security Framework offers high levels of scalability and performance with an extremely small footprint.

About Mocana
Mocana is an infrastructure software company securely enabling Internet scale products and IP based services that leverage device connectivity. Mocana’s industry-leading infrastructure software solutions ensure that wired and wireless devices, networks and services perform and scale with the utmost security – a necessary foundation for a networked society. Customers include Dell, Cisco, Avaya, Nortel Networks, Harris, Honeywell, Symbol, Emulex, and Radvision, among others. Mocana was founded in 2002, is privately-held, and headquartered in San Francisco, California.