Kane Computing Offers IntegrIT's DSP Libraries

Kane Computing Ltd has signed an agreement with IntegrIT to market their highly optimised DSP Libraries, world-wide. Products include NatureDSP Math a fixed point Maths Library which efficiently implements accurate fixed point representation of commonly used mathematical routines saving product development time. This library is particularly useful for DSP and digital communications engineers.

NatureDSP Signal library is a collection of signal processing routines needed for implementation of typical algorithms for voice/audio processing. Special memory management optimizes performance and allows designer to utilize efficiently cache or DARAM/SARAM spaces and place most memory consuming blocks into the slow memory. Unique “filter-on-the-fly” feature enables fast filter synthesis in real time.

Other products include NatureDSP 4FSK, a software data pump for 4FSK/C4FM data transmission over UHF channels. It supports 4800/9600 bps data modulation formats for PMR/LMR and APCO P25 standards both for 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz channels. Flexible interfaces allow to integrate it into base-stations, repeaters and inexpensive handheld radios.

NatureDSP Squelch+ a software package providing sub-audio signaling functions for FRS, PMR446 and analogue radios. Additional optional modules such as tone generation, voiceband/sub-audio filtering and pre/de-emphasis add versatility to the design.

All of these libraries are available in binaries and in source code written in fully portable C-language for: Texas Instruments TMS320C54xx, TMS320C55xx, TMS320C64xx, OMAP, DaVinci, ARM7, ARM9, ARM9E and MS Windows.

About IntegrIT
IntegrIT was founded by team of solutions-directed software architecture professionals with a solid track record leading design and implementation of critical applications/components to meet strategic business needs. Experience in use of waterfall, incremental, evolutionary and spiral life cycle models. They have strong knowledge base in structured analysis design methodology covering requirements analysis, functional decomposition, synthesis, evaluation and, system and software specification down to configuration unit level.

About Kane Computing
KCL has been providing Image Processing, DSP and high performance computing products for use in industry, education and research since 1987 and is a Texas Instruments Third Party Partner specialising in consultancy and advice on TI development tools/platforms and image processing applications. KCL have extensive knowledge and experience of providing video compression solutions for many industries particularly for digital video security and high quality broadcast applications. KCL has a policy of continual improvement and operates its business in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2000.