AXIOM Design Automation Acquires SysChip Design Technologies

AXIOM Design Automation announces the acquisition of SysChip Design Technologies, a privately held verification tools and services company, headquartered in Bangalore, India. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“The global semiconductor and electronics industry is under unprecedented pressure to develop and bring to market innovative products as fast as possible. Customers of our MPSim simulator, one of the fastest Verilog simulators in the industry, have been constantly looking to us to provide feedback on verification closure and improving their debugging productivity,” says Badru Agarwala, president and CEO, AXIOM Design Automation. SysChip has successfully developed and demonstrated a very innovative Protometer technology that can easily specify and measure high level coverage goals for most of the commonly used protocol standards. This technology enables true automation of verification closure and makes the verification results more predictable. Protometer’s sophisticated cross-transaction-analysis feature allows engineers to debug test failures at transaction levels and cuts down debug cycles from hours to minutes.

“Our experienced verification teams have successfully deployed Protometer technology for various verification projects. The ability to measure against the complete coverage goals helped our customers tape out complex SOC’s ahead of their verification schedule, with first pass silicon success,” says Ravi Shankar, Chief Technologist and Co-founder of SysChip Design Technologies. “Integrating this technology with the AXIOM solution will greatly accelerate the delivery of an integrated verification closure solution.”

“The SysChip acquisition brings AXIOM an outstanding R&D, support and service team that has developed a powerful, complementary technology,” said Badru Agarwala. “With SysChip’s domain knowledge and verification expertise, AXIOM can now provide to its customer’s total verification solutions ranging from tools to services to complete outsourced verification.

AXIOM will integrate the SysChip technology into the MPSim product family. All SysChip employees will become part of AXIOM, bringing total headcount to over 60 employees worldwide.

AXIOM will be showcasing the SysChip technology integrated into the AXIOM product family along with its MPSim multi-CPU simulator and graphical debug environment at the up coming 44th Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Diego.

Originally founded as @HDL in 1999, AXIOM has been a pioneer in developing functional verification products. The company’s mission has always been to accelerate the verification flow and to increase the overall productivity of verification engineers. The introduction of the MPSim multi-CPU simulator provides a quantum leap in verification performance to the industry and enables AXIOM to offer a complete solution to its customers.