Uniqall Launches Gridborg HMP Server 1.3

Uniqall released the next major version of its flagship product Gridborg HMP Server 1.3. Benefits of this new release are more optimized media processing, RTP streaming and new web management features. The new release also introduces a new licensing scheme and an overhauled company web site to address customer’s needs more efficiently. The Gridborg HMP Server 1.3 is available for free download and evaluation from the Uniqall web site.

Host media processing (HMP) is a technology that replaces traditional DSP telephony boards with software. Promises of HMP are simplified product and service development, cheaper development and better manageability because no specialized hardware is used except for the host’s CPU. Host media processing is justified with the Moore’s law and pervasiveness of VoIP. With Gridborg HMP Server 1.3 it is possible for every company with Internet connection to develop and provide voice accessed products and services.

Major benefit of this new release – optimized media processing – brings ability to utilize audio codecs only when they are really required, saving CPU cycles and providing more available channels per host. Gridborg HMP Server always tries to operate with streams in original form – without looking into the content. Only when the data really needs to be decoded, Gridborg HMP Server will create and use the appropriate audio transcoder. One example where you can directly take advantage of this feature is when you know in advance that you will be playing prompts to calls established using a particular codec. By having prompts stored on disk in that particular format, there will be no transcoding overhead when the prompt file is played. One other benefit of this approach is that there is no need to support any particular audio codec if the application does not need media mixing thus eliminating costs of media licenses for proprietary audio codecs like G.729 and G.723.1.

Uniqall staff is very excited about this release because of the achieved media processing capabilities and customer feedback.

“Cutting hosts need to handle large call volumes is a great opportunity for our customers and we have received great feedback from them. Handling large call volumes puts stress on data centers and every optimization we can bring savings in energy and space.” said Borko Jandras, lead developer of the Gridborg HMP Server 1.3.

With the improved web management interface it is now possible to monitor CPU usage and number of active calls in a more intuitive way thanks to clear graphics and a clean interface.

RTP channel resources allow sending and/or receiving media streams to and from external applications by using the real-time transport protocol (RTP). RTP resources can be combined with other resources using Gridborg HMP Server’s audio routing facility. Jitter buffer, RTCP and dynamic payload types are supported.

Other new and upcoming features included in Gridborg HMP Server 1.3 are STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP over NATs) support, sound device resource on all platforms, stereo support, in-band tone generation and RTP statistics.

Gridborg HMP Server 1.3 is available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

Uniqall’s new licensing scheme should help further development of Gridborg HMP. With the new web page, our customers will benefit from better support.

About Uniqall
Uniqall’s headquarters and development are based in Zagreb, Croatia. Without a legacy telephony board business and associated hardware-based revenues to protect, Uniqall is dedicated to providing the best HMP products at extremely attractive prices.