Toshiba Publishes Multiple-Voltage Domain White Paper

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC), a committed leader that collaborates with technology companies to create breakthrough designs, announced the publication of a new Pointers & Pitfalls technical paper entitled “Impact of Multiple-Voltage Domain (Multi-VDD) Design Implementation on Large, Complex SoCs.”

The new technical paper explains how designers can harness advanced multi-VDD architectures to design large, complex custom SoCs that consume minimal amounts of power, while delivering the required performance and functionality. Low-power design considerations include dynamic power dissipation, static/inactive power dissipation, temperature and power relative to performance and voltage/IR-drop effects. The paper cautions that implementing a low power, multi-VDD voltage area (VA) design requires careful planning and early design-architecture considerations, as well as substantial analysis. In addition, such a design needs to be verified extensively for possible violations between the different power domains. Toshiba supports these efforts with its well-developed, low-power design flow, which utilizes several tools for proper implementation and verification of a multi-VDD VA design. The document discusses multi-VDD and VA terminology with detailed examples. It culminates with a comprehensive list of pointers and pitfalls, among which is a strong recommendation to use islands to control a device’s power network.

The Pointers & Pitfalls series of technical papers provide engineering and design insights to help engineers understand evolving custom SoC design issues and support their product planning decisions. The company invites designers to tap into this deep system-level expertise to enable higher productivity and greater success.

The new Multi-VDD technical paper can be accessed and downloaded from the TAEC website.

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