Maxscend Creates Smallest DAB/T-DMB Demodulator

China based mobile TV fabless design start-up Maxscend Technologies Inc. announced the industry’s smallest DAB/T-DMB demodulator with lowest power consumption, MXD0120. Housed in a compact 5mmX5mm BGA package, the MXD0120 has a worst-case power consumption of 18mW during full channel capacity reception. Size and power consumption are among the most important factors in the design of handheld devices. Designed with MXD0120, a mobile TV enabled system can achieve a minimum physical dimension and an extended battery life.

The MXD0120 achieves excellent size and power consumption numbers without sacrificing reception performance. Test results show that it can receive a weak signal down to -102dbm. Field tests on maglev trains also demonstrate that MXD0120 works well at a speed above 400km/hour.

DAB/T-DMB is one of the most popular MDTV standards in the world. Over 40 countries around the globe have started tests, trials or commercial launches of DAB/T-DMB based broadcasting service. Among them, South Korea and the UK have the most successful commercial deployment, each having over three million users. China has already adopted DAB as its digital audio broadcasting standard. Although it hasn’t been decided which standard will be adopted for China’s MDTV market, DAB/T-DMB based mobile TV broadcasting has been launched in three important regions including major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong. It is expected that China’s MDTV market will experience a significant growth period before the 2008 Olympics.

MXD0120 is currently in volume production. One of Maxscend’s major customers, TechFaith Wireless has developed a MDTV enabled smart-phone with MXD0120. Maxscend also provides a complete USB dongle solution which can enable laptop/PC to play DAB radio and T-DMB TV.

About Maxscend Technologies Inc.
Funded by Sequoia Capital and Angel Investors, Maxscend Technologies Inc. was incorporated in April 2006, and located in the ZhangJiang High-tech Park in Shanghai, China. The founding team consists of Silicon Valley returnees with many years of R&D, management and China local business experience. Maxscend provides mobile DTV chip solutions, and aims to become a world-class IC design company.