Measurement Computing Introduces TracerDAQ Pro for Data Acquisition

Measurement Computing Corporation, the market leader in low-cost data acquisition, announced the release of TracerDAQ Pro – a greatly enhanced version of TracerDAQ – designed for data acquisition professionals. TracerDAQ was introduced in January 2004 as a Strip Chart Recorder and Data Logger software application to ship with Measurement Computing’s USB products. It was designed for out-of-the-box, quick-time-to-first measurement, without requiring the user to write code.

“The features offered in TracerDAQ’s first release matched well with our initial USB-based product offerings,” explained Jim Ficaro, Measurement Computing’s director of marketing. “Since then, we’ve expanded our product portfolio—and with it, the number of applications in which our products are used. In turn, we’ve expanded TracerDAQ’s capabilities to better meet the diverse test and measurement needs of our customers. With TracerDAQ Pro, we offer the enhanced functionality and throughput our users desire, while at the same time delivering the out-of-the-box, non-programming solution our customers expect from us.”

Measurement Computing TracerDAQ Pro data acquisition logger and instrument software suiteThe new Professional version is a full-featured data acquisition software suite, built specifically for users of Measurement Computing’s PCI- and USB-based hardware.

TracerDAQ Pro provides four virtual instrument applications used to graphically display and store input data, and generate output signals, within minutes of installing Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware. The applications allow the user to customize appearance, store configurations for future use, save data to a file for export, and—with the use of interactive hotspots—change settings while the application is running.

TracerDAQ Pro applications include:

  • A Strip Chart for logging and graphing data from analog, digital, counter, and temperature inputs from one or more Measurement Computing DAQ devices. Featured are sampling at the maximum speed of the DAQ board (up to 1 million samples per channel), triggering, the ability to set alarm conditions, add comments (annotations) to the display plot, play back an acquisition, and import and plot binary and text data.
  • An Oscilloscope application displays values acquired from analog inputs. Featured are sampling at the maximum speed of the DAQ board, triggering, the ability to add a reference or a math channel, display specific measurement values for each channel, and scale channel data.
  • A Function Generator application generates user selectable sine, square, triangle, constant, saw tooth or custom waveforms for analog outputs at the maximum rate of the Measurement Computing device. The function generator displays the sample waveform, samples per cycle, internal scan rate, and base frequency of the selected analog channel output signal. It can perform linear and logarithmic sweeps, change the phase, duty cycle, rate multiplier, and gate ratio of the waveform.
  • A Rate Generator application for use with Measurement Computing’s counter devices that allows users to output clock signals with variable frequency, duty cycle, and initial state of the waveform.

TracerDAQ PRO sells for $199. A special introductory price of $169 is available if purchased between 16 May 2007 and 15 June 2007.

About Measurement Computing Corp.
Measurement Computing Corporation is the data acquisition market leader in the design and manufacture of low-priced, computer-based, test and measurement hardware and software. They offer a broad selection of hardware products for analog input, analog output, and digital I/O, supporting all popular buses. These include USB , wireless, Ethernet, PCI, ISA , PCMCIA, and PC/104, plus serial and GPIB interface products, and a growing line of remote dataloggers. They also offer software solutions for the programmer and non-programmer alike, with drivers for such popular graphical programming languages as LabVIEW. Measurement Computing was founded in 1989, and markets its products throughout the world.