SENA Introduces Serial Device Server for Device Networking

The LS110 is a cost-effective single-port device server that connects RS-232 serial devices such as printers, scales, medical equipment, manufacturing machinery, barcode readers, card readers, point-of-sale equipment, and other data acquisition devices to 10Base-T Ethernet network. The unit supports advanced features such as telnet COM port control protocol support (RFC2217 compliant), and Built-in surge protection.

SENA LS110 Serial Device Server for Device NetworkingOn the serial side, the LS110 features a nine-pin male DB-9 connector, 7.5V~15V DC power input, and supports data transfer speeds up to 115Kbit/s. Built-in surge protection is added on serial port to safeguard the device from electrical interference, surges or spikes that could interrupt the system operation.

In TCP mode, the LS110 supports telnet COM port control option (RFC 2217 compliant) that is used to access serial devices over the network. This option enable user applications to set the parameters of remote serial ports (baud rate, flow control, etc.), detect line signal changes, as well as receive and transmit data. The LS110 is shipped with a licensed version copy of COM Port Redirection Software, Serial/IP for free of charge. This software allows you to use the existing application programs based on serial communication.

The list price of LS110 is 99.00 USD. Included in the package with the LS110 serial device server is a quick start guide, external power supply, serial data cable and a CD-ROM.

About SENA Technologies
SENA Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Device Server product line that includes external, embedded, wireless and industrial device servers; and Industrial Bluetooth product line that includes Bluetooth serial adapters, Bluetooth serial modules and Bluetooth Access Points for device networking solution in the areas of IT/Telco, retail/POS, industrial automation, building automation, and medical automation.