Ponte Solutions to Discuss DFM Issues at DAC

Ponte Solutions(TM) announces the “Bridge Club: — a series of wide-open Ask the Expert — discussions about semiconductor design and manufacturing practices. Bridge Club sessions will be held twice per day, June 4-6, and once on Thursday morning June 7, during the Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Ponte’s Booth No. 4360. A unique no-spin forum, the Bridge Club, features leading industry experts from design, business, and fab teams taking unabridged and uncensored questions from the DAC floor. No slick presentations or agendas will be allowed – just a whiteboard and open dialogue about the hottest topics that impact the design and manufacturing community today.

“DFM and semiconductor manufacturing is already difficult, it shouldn’t be mysterious,” said Michael Buehler-Garcia, Ponte vice president of marketing. “We’re bringing together DFM thought leaders, plunking them down in a convention center full of users, and opening the floor for questions. It’s DAC like it used to be, when you could ask real, challenging questions of anybody and expect to get a reasonable response.”

Confirmed participants in the Bridge Club include: Mark Redford from Cambridge Silicon Radio; Walter Ng from Chartered Semiconductor; Atul Sharan from Clearshape Technologies; Steve Longoria from IBM; Carlo Guardiani from PDF Solutions; Jim Hogan chairman of Ponte’s Board, and Riko Radojcic from Qualcomm.

Topics to be tackled include: What are the real DFM issues for design teams? Is there an ROI for DFM? What do the fabs expect from designers? What can a designer do with all that manufacturing data? And more.

Ponte DAC Highlights
Show highlights include:

Bridge Club
Meets twice per day, once on Thursday, in Ponte Booth No. 4360. No advance registration required. Open forum, Q&A with leading experts.

Ponte Demos
“Applying Yield Analysis to Technology Architecture and IP Analysis.” Approach to checking and modifying designs to ensure they stand up to process and manufacturing variations during the IC base layer Fab steps – must-see demo for early adopters of new process nodes.

“Applying the YA System to SoC Level DFM Issues.” SOC Project Management traditionally plans chip integration to meet overall area, timing and power specifications. At 65nm and below, DFM “robustness” considerations for the integration and metal interconnect should also be a key part of overall design planning.

“Ponte’s DFM Modeling Technology Roadmap.” Ponte is continuing to develop innovative new DFM techniques and process models ahead of market demands. In this session Ponte’s CTO Ara Markosian will provide updates on Ponte’s R&D efforts in the field of DFM Modeling.

Hands-On Tutorial
9am – Noon, Monday, June 4, 2007
Room 11A
Standard Cell Library and Hard IP Design
Presented by Blaze DFM, Inc. / Ponte Solutions, Inc. / Sagantec
Ponte Solutions, Blaze DFM, and Sagantec are presenting a hands-on tutorial on the value of design for manufacturing (DFM) solutions during intellectual property (IP) development. Participant will use analysis tools from Ponte and Blaze to detect areas of the IP blocks and cells that may be highly susceptible to manufacturing defects, and then automatically fix those areas with Sagantec’s optimization software.

About Ponte
Ponte Solutions, Inc. develops and markets unique model-based software products and design for manufacturing (DFM) solutions that analyze, predict, and reduce the impact of process variability during the manufacture and design of semiconductors. Ponte customers include leading semiconductor companies, foundries, and design houses worldwide. Founded in 2002, the venture-backed company has received funding from The Mayfield Fund, U.S. Venture partners, Incubic LLC, Silicon Ventures LLC, and others. The company has offices in Mountain View, Calif., and Yerevan, Armenia.

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