Sensor Switch Launches nLIGHT Lighting Control System

Sensor Switch, the industry leader in the development of occupancy sensor products and technology, introduced its latest innovation, nLight, at LIGHTFAIR 2007. nLight is the first lighting control system of its kind and consists of a network of intelligent lighting control devices. Additionally, nLight’s revolutionary architecture provides for system level control while still enabling zones of nLight devices to self-commission and function independently, eliminating the need for centrally hardwired equipment.

By networking together state-of-the-art sensors, power packs, photocells and wall switches, the nLight system provides local control of a building’s lighting system via attractive LCD Gateways, as well as remote, global control through SensorView web-based lighting management software. This proprietary system offers a broad range of settings and operational modes that may be combined to create an unlimited number of lighting control profiles designed to save energy, improve convenience, enhance safety and increase lighting choices.

The benefits of nLight include lower equipment and installation costs, deeper system control, and no need for centrally hardwired equipment. Additionally, the nLight system offers the option of a fully wire-line system or a backbone which utilizes wireless mesh networking technology that further simplifies system installation. Architects and contractors will appreciate the simple installation, flexible architecture, lower equipment cost and ease of maintenance. End users will benefit from maximum energy efficiency – eliminating the need for compromise between occupant convenience and energy savings, as well as the ability to easily change building lighting status.

According to Sensor Switch President Brian Platner, the introduction of nLight reflects the company’s continuing commitment to innovation in the lighting control industry. “The nLight system enhances traditional lighting control strategies by eliminating redundant hardware, single points of failure, and the need to layer different systems and devices to achieve both time-based and sensor-based lighting control. Instead, nLight distributes intelligence throughout a building via a network of sensors and powerpacks, incorporating time-based control with occupancy, daylighting and manual control. The result is a smarter, more cost-effective lighting solution that combines lower installation and equipment costs with much greater system control.”

Known for its commitment to engineering and innovation, Sensor Switch is the industry leader in developing occupancy sensor products and technology for lighting control. From schools and offices to factories, government buildings and retail stores, Sensor Switch provides innovative and reliable solutions to virtually every application and building type. All Sensor Switch products are engineered and manufactured in the USA at the company headquarters in Wallingford, Connecticut.