Symbian Ships Over 20 Million Smartphone in Japan

Symbian Ltd. announced that over 20 million Symbian smartphones have shipped in Japan up until the end of March 2007. Symbian OS is the global market-leading, open mobile operating system for smartphones. Since the first 3G Symbian smartphones began shipping in Japan in 2003 — the FOMA(TM) F2051 and FOMA F2102, manufactured by Fujitsu — there has been solid growth of Symbian OS based models in Japan. In 2004, there were six Symbian OS based models manufactured by Fujitsu and Nokia. In 2005, there were 14 models from Fujitsu, Nokia, Mitsubishi, Sharp, and Motorola, which soared to 44 models from six handset vendors including Sony Ericsson in 2006. As of May 2007, 55 Symbian OS-based models have been shipped.

It took three years to reach the first 10 million Symbian smartphones and less than one year to reach the next 10 million. This growth was driven by the remarkable innovation from the advanced 3G mobile market in Japan, as well as the capabilities of Symbian OS in reducing time to market and meeting the requirements of handset vendors and network operators.

Kiyohito Nagata, Vice President Managing Director, Product Department, NTT DoCoMo, Inc., commented: “Symbian offers functionality, security and flexibility that the mobile phone market demands, fast. We would like to further strengthen our partnership with Symbian to provide mobile phones that answer the needs of our customers.”

Haruhiko Hisa, President, Symbian Japan said: “We have reached the mark of shipping over 20 million Symbian smartphones as a result of the support we have been given by all our network operators, handset manufacturers and partners to become a more open and versatile OS. Going forward, we shall focus on contributing to the development of high function handsets at lower build costs as well as continuing to fulfill our important role of enlarging the mobile phone market.”

The following 55 phones based on Symbian OS have shipped in Japan:

Fujitsu: NTT DoCoMo FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE Basic; FOMA F903iBSC; FOMA F903iX HIGH-SPEED; FOMA F703i; FOMA F903i; FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III; FOMA F902iS; FOMA F702iD; FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE II; FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE; FOMA F902i; FOMA F700iS; FOMA F901iS; FOMA F700i; FOMA F901iC; FOMA F900iC; FOMA F900iT; FOMA F900i; FOMA F2102V; FOMA F2051

Mitsubishi Electric: NTT DoCoMo FOMA D903iTV; FOMA D800iDS; FOMA D703i; FOMA D903i; FOMA D702iF; FOMA D702iBCL; FOMA D902iS; MUSIC PORTER X; FOMA D702i; Music Porter II; Raku-Raku PHONE Simple; FOMA D902i; FOMA D701i; FOMA D901iS; FOMA D901i

Motorola: NTT DoCoMo FOMA M1000

Sharp: NTT DoCoMo FOMA SH903iTV; FOMA SH703i; FOMA SH903i; FOMA SH702iS; FOMA SH902iSL; FOMA SH902iS; FOMA SH702iD; FOMA SH902i

Sony Ericsson: NTT DoCoMo FOMA SO703i; FOMA SO903i; FOMA SO902iWP+; FOMA SO702i; FOMA SO902i

Nokia: NTT DoCoMo FOMA NM850iG; SOFTBANK MOBILE SoftBank X01NK/Nokia E61; SoftBank 705NK/Nokia N73; Vodafone 804NK/Nokia N71; Vodafone 702NKII (Nokia 6680); Vodafone 702NK (Nokia 6630)

About Symbian Limited
Symbian is a software licensing company that develops and licenses Symbian OS, the market-leading open operating system for advanced, data-enabled mobile phones known as smartphones. Symbian licenses Symbian OS to the world’s leading handset manufacturers and has built close co-operative business relationships with leading companies across the mobile industry. During Q1 2007, 15.9 million Symbian smartphones were sold worldwide to over 250 major network operators, bringing the total number of Symbian smartphones shipped up to 31 March 2007 to 126 million. Symbian has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom, with offices in the United States, England, and Asia (India, P.R. China, Korea, and Japan). For more information, please visit Symbian.

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