LTX Creates New DSP Instruments for X-Series Test Systems

LTX Corporation (Nasdaq: LTXX), a leading provider of semiconductor test solutions, announced a new suite of digital signal processing (DSP) instruments for its family of X-Series test systems. The new instruments, including a high speed arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) and high speed digitizer, incorporate LTX’s proprietary digital processing technology. The addition of these new instruments to LTX’s portfolio of DSP options enables X-Series test systems to provide the fastest test times and highest test accuracy for a broad range of mixed signal applications, including RF wireless cellular, networking and gaming; analog and digital video; wireless and wired baseband; automotive infotainment; and portable and system power management.

“Our customers continue to increase device performance while at the same time driving down costs,” noted Dave Tacelli, chief executive officer and president of LTX. “To provide test capabilities that address these dual requirements, LTX continually invests in the R&D necessary to bring to market the most powerful and cost effective test solutions. Our new DSP instrument suite is one such example, and we are excited to see several of our leading customers already using this technology to reduce costs while enhancing product yields.”

“Our new DSP options incorporate leading edge analog front end circuitry combined with proprietary digital processing technology that performs on the fly waveform computations and filtering,” stated Bruce MacDonald, vice president of product marketing for LTX. “In addition, the processing capabilities have been optimally distributed between the CPU and the instrument to maximize test efficiency while minimizing data transfer volume. This architecture enables the fastest test times because the device under test becomes the limiting factor in throughput. Accuracy of both sourced and measured signals is also enhanced with real time correction of error sources using complex DSP algorithms embedded into instrument’s ASICs. The results for our customers are clear – faster test times and greater accuracy.”

LTX’s new, high speed DSP options include:

  • High Speed Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG-HSB) – The AWG-HSB is a dual channel, 16 Bit, 250 MSPS arbitrary waveform generator with enhanced SNR, offering high throughput and accuracy
  • High Speed Waveform Digitizer (DIG-HSB) – The DIG-HSB is a dual channel, 14 Bit, 105 MSPS waveform digitizer offering high throughput and accuracy

LTX’s full portfolio of DSP instruments is available for immediate delivery on all X-Series test systems, including the LX, CX, MX and EX configurations.

LTX Corporation (Nasdaq: LTXX) is a leading supplier of test solutions for the global semiconductor industry. LTX’s X-Series, the industry’s most comprehensive family of production-proven, compatible test systems, delivers a scalable solution that provides the right test performance and the right cost of test. Combined with LTX’s industry-leading applications engineering and customer service teams, the X-Series enables companies to accelerate their time to market, optimize test economics and stay ahead of the technology curve.

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