EMA Adds DesignAdvance's CircuitSpace to PCB Design Flow

EMA Design Automation(TM), a full-service provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions, announced that it will now offer DesignAdvance’s CircuitSpace(TM) solution to its customers. “CircuitSpace is a great addition to our PCB design flow solution, providing improved communications between hardware engineers and layout designers,” said Manny Marcano, President and CEO of EMA. “This patented technology will enable our customers to increase productivity and profitability.”

Component placement is time consuming and has traditionally proven to be difficult to automate. With component counts on the rise and 10,000 part boards becoming commonplace, managing placement becomes more difficult and can take months to complete. CircuitSpace automates this laborious task with the following features:

  • Hierarchical design with autoclustering(TM)
  • Intelligent physical design reuse and replication
  • Project wide concurrent layout development
  • Template generation for global library usage across divisions
  • Template usage with and without etch
  • Automated layout reference designator propagation
  • Advanced sustaining engineering and ECO process
  • Automated change report between layout designs

“We’ve seen customers reduce their placement time by over 50%,” said Edward Pupa, CEO of DesignAdvance Systems. “This allowed them to release their design to manufacturing weeks ahead of schedule. It is benefits like these that EMA can now bring to their PCB design customers.”

For additional information, call EMA at 800-813-7494.

About DesignAdvance Systems, Inc.
DesignAdvance Systems, Inc. develops electronic design automation (EDA) and computer aided design (CAD) software tools that dramatically reduce the amount of time to develop electrical and mechanical products. The DesignAdvance solution integrates seamlessly into existing environments increasing user productivity, which significantly reduces time-to-profitability. The company’s award winning product, CircuitSpace, brings user-assisted automation to the PCB layout process. Corporate headquarters are located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

About EMA Design Automation, Inc.
EMA Design Automation, Inc. is a full-service provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions including software tools, consulting services, environmental compliance solutions, product training, and technical support for the entire PCB and custom integrated circuit design process. EMA was founded in 1989. EMA is a Cadence(R) Channel Partner and has been a Cadence distributor since 1998. Staffed with experienced engineers, EMA offers EDA design solutions tailored to the needs of each individual customer. EMA is a privately held corporation headquartered in Rochester, New York.

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