Breker Verification Launches Trek Functional Test Synthesis Solution

Breker Verification Systems, Inc. announced the release of its flagship product Trek, the first commercial graph based functional test synthesis tool. The tool is targeted at developing functional vectors for complex designs, and solves the problem of understanding, defining and analyzing complicated verification requirements.

Trek’s technology is based on the creation of a visual graph based verification plan from which functional tests are automatically generated. The result? Trek reduces verification effort by 11-14x while providing 100% verification plan coverage.

Adnan Hamid, Breker CEO and founder said, “Clearly, the verification challenge today is to understand and define the complex verification requirements needed to ensure proper functionality in our designs. Trek provides a practical, concise solution to construct and analyze verification plans where no functional cases are left behind. By automatically generating test vectors from the plan the tool eliminates the need for large amounts of testbench software development. Trek also guarantees 100% verification plan coverage without requiring time consuming testbench tuning iterations.”

Comprehensive Verification Planning
Previous attempts at using graphs in functional verification have failed because the graphs exploded in size and complexity. Trek solves this problem by combining graph based technology with a dependency resolution engine to provide a compact yet powerful way to understand, construct and analyze complex verification plans. The verification plan may be input either graphically or as source code. The tool provides graphical feedback to visualize the verification plan and analyze it for completeness and coverage before any simulation has been run. This ensures that no functional cases are forgotten when constructing the verification plan.

Automatically Generates Test Vectors
Trek uses this graph based verification plan to automatically generate test vectors for existing verification environments. These test vectors provide input stimulus to the design and check that the output results are correct. Automatically generating test vectors from the verification plan eliminates the huge software development efforts needed today to construct testbenches. Trek is compatible with testbench tools like System Verilog, Verilog, Vera, Specman and SystemC and is designed to extend existing verification flows thereby preserving prior investments in functional verification.

100% Verification Plan Coverage
Trek provides 100% verification plan coverage while making efficient use of available simulation resources. Pre-simulation analysis estimates the number of tests needed to achieve 100% plan coverage and post simulation analysis provides feedback on the coverage achieved to date. By insuring 100% plan coverage the tool eliminates time consuming iteration needed to tune test benches to hit coverage goals.

Trek is available today. Breker products are sold in the United States through direct sales channels and lists for $32K, (US list price, quantity one) for a one year time-based license.

About Breker
Breker Verification Systems is an EDA (electronic design automation) company that is bridging the gap between verification planning and the testbench using Graph-Based Functional Test Synthesis. Breker has created a functional test synthesis tool used to develop functional verification tests for complex designs. This solution makes the process of understanding, defining and analyzing complicated verification requirements easy and systematic, using a visual graph based verification plan. By generating tests directly from the plan, the tool reduces verification effort by 11-14x while guaranteeing 100% verification plan coverage. Privately held, Breker was founded in 2003 in Austin, TX. Its corporate headquarters is at 8217 Edgemoor Place, Austin, Texas 78749. Telephone: (512) 415-1199.

Trek is a trademark of Breker Verification Systems, Inc.