SDC Distributes RapiTime, VirtualTime from Rapita Systems

European distributors of software and tools for high tech development engineers, SDC, have announced a distribution agreement with software timing analysis and simulation experts Rapita Systems. SDC will now be supplying Rapita’s state-of-the-art RapiTime worst-case execution time analysis solutions and their equally advanced VirtualTime “software-in-the-loop” simulation technology which accurately models the detailed interactions and timing behaviour of complex RTOS-based systems such as Electronic Control Units, mobile phones and radio base stations.

“For engineers developing complex real-time software, these are very powerful tools and we are very pleased to be including these in our portfolio,” said Stuart Parker, Managing Director of SDC. “At SDC, our objective is always to supply embedded engineers with technologies that make a difference. The RapiTime and VirtualTime products will enable engineers to accelerate development and enhance systems performance, we feel confident that our customers will be excited to learn about these particular products.”

SDC’s product offering includes reference design hardware for both CPU’s and FPGA’s, real-time operating systems, debug tools, embedded data management technology, BIOS solutions and graphical user interface development tools. SDC currently supply some the leading companies in Europe that are involved in the development of hi-tech products and SDC are recognised worldwide for their knowledge and experience in the field of embedded systems development.

Rapita Systems Ltd is a specialist in the worst-case execution time analysis and simulation of real-time embedded systems for the Avionics, Telecommunications, Space and Automotive markets. Its innovative RapiTime product makes Rapita Systems the leader in measurement-based worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis solutions. RapiTime provides a practical WCET analysis solution that works for complex embedded software running on the latest generation of advanced microprocessors. Rapita Systems’ simulation technology is similarly state-of-the-art. VirtualTime “software-in-the-loop” simulation accurately models the detailed interactions and timing behaviour of complex RTOS-based systems such as Electronic Control Units, mobile phones and radio base stations.

“We are very pleased to be working with SDC,” said Guillem Bernat, CEO at Rapita Systems. “Our focus is on developing the core technology and bringing state of the art products to market. We are looking to work with key industry specialists as channel partners in the various geographic regions, so to have a partner such as SDC helping us to take this technology to a wider audience is an important step forward. SDC have a lot of expertise in the area of code analysis and simulation and also a strong understanding of the European embedded marketplace, so we feel very confident that we have chosen the right partner in this respect.”

RapiTime is an analysis tool that provides a unique solution to the problem of determining worst-case execution times (WCET) for software components running on advanced microprocessors. Its key features include accurately determining the worst-case execution time, identifying code on the worst-case path, analysis of worst-case hotspots, code coverage analysis and execution time profiling. There is also a RapiTime evaluation kit available to help engineers who wish to assess this technology before committing to using it as part of their software development process. The Evaluation Kit is based on the phy-CORE MPC555 development board with MPC555 Single Board Computer module and includes 128Kbyte SRAM, 512Kbyte Flash, 2x CAN interfaces, 2x RS-232 interfaces and a BDM interface.

VirtualTime is a tool-set for building accurate simulations of complex multiprocessor real-time systems. VirtualTime addresses a key problem in the cost-effective development of reliable telecommunications systems: the need to verify designs, identifying and fixing unexpected timing and performance issues as early as possible in the development life-cycle.

About SDC Systems
SDC Systems Limited is a leading European distributor of embedded development software, tools and hardware. Focused on innovative and leading edge technology, SDC strives to provide “technology that makes a difference”, technology that will positively impact the development process and the quality and functionality of the final product. With many years of experience and talented engineering support, SDC Systems work closely with their clients to provide an important source of embedded expertise and products.

About Rapita Systems Ltd
Rapita Systems Ltd is a privately owned company, founded in 2004, commercialising worst-case execution time analysis and simulation technology developed in the Real-time Systems Research Group at the University of York, the internationally acknowledged leader in research into hard real-time systems, scheduling theory and worst-case execution time analysis.

For more information on the RapiTime WCET analysis solution or VirtualTime simulation technology call Stuart Parker on +44 (0)1462 473 953, or Peter Heyes on +44 (0)118 375 8146 or e-mail: