OpenMake Names Former Serena Executive as VP of Sales

OpenMake Software welcomed former Serena executive Mark Manzo as senior vice president of Sales. OpenMake Software is revolutionizing the build-to-release management process for organizations of all sizes, adding new products and enhancing sales capabilities. To ensure the company’s success, Mark is responsible for expanding OpenMake’s sales and distribution efforts.

“Mark joins OpenMake at a critical time as Meister is being embraced by enterprise-class users. Building upon OpenMake’s strong technical alliances, Mark will lead expansion of our direct sales and international reseller support organizations,” stated Stephen J. King, CEO of OpenMake Software.

Mark ManzoMark, with more than 20 years of experience in software-build technology, held executive positions with Serena, Merant, STEP Technology and Vermont Creative Software. At Intersolv/Polytron-creators of PVCS-he established an inside sales organization and strengthened distribution channel efforts. Working with key industry software-development technology providers, Mark forged strategic alliances within diverse group of companies such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Remedy, Borland, Merant and Serena.

In the last quarter, OpenMake has expanded its industry-leading product offerings by introducing OpenMake Meister build services, used for dynamically defining and executing software builds, and OpenMake Mojo, a cost-free build-to-release process automation tool for software developers. These OpenMake offerings help teams deliver maximum protection from failed software releases by providing improved build-process traceability, impact analysis and audit control through superior compile and dependency management and reporting.

As audit requirements and impact-analysis requirements grow, speed-to-market is still critical to the software development process. To address the increasingly complex environment IT organizations encounter, OpenMake is enhancing relationships with the business enterprise through expanded direct-sales support, enhanced professional services, and expanded reseller and distributor programs for North America and overseas geographies. Mark contributes key experience and leadership as OpenMake grows to better serve these business relationships.

About OpenMake Meister and Mojo
OpenMake Meister is an innovative seventh-generation build-to-release management solution and community-developed build-to-release knowledgebase. Through its innovative Build Services and Build Forensics features, Meister links development efforts to production results while reducing script redundancies and build errors. Build Services provides a layer of virtualization from ad-hoc scripting, enabling build best practices and build project management. In addition, Meister extends the OpenMake Mojo build-process automation solution by going beyond simple workflow management and process automation to support software construction in more than 200 languages and environments.

Mark Manzo
With more than 20 years of software sales and marketing experience in the IT industry, Mark Manzo was most recently senior director of North American Partner Sales for Serena Software where his turnaround expertise helped increase year-over-year license revenue more than 40 percent. Adept at program design and restructuring, Mark has established and propelled effective business partnership programs for several software development industry leaders. Mark has promoted and managed award-winning strategic business alliances between some of software’s most diverse companies, including Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Mercury, Remedy BMC, Merant, Serena and Accenture. While working with Microsoft, he was a key member of two Microsoft Partner Advisory councils. Mark’s early career included directing marketing and sales for industry pioneer Vermont Creative Software, and sales management for PVCS creator Polytron/Intersolv. A graduate of the University of Colorado, Mark has been recognized by the Portland Business Journal as a “Forty under 40″ business leader.

About OpenMake Software
Maker of Mojo build process automation software and Meister build services, OpenMake Software, formerly Catalyst Systems Corporation, specializes in the design and implementation of reliable and repeatable application build-to-release processes. OpenMake Software generates reusable, audit-conforming builds in languages such as Java (ANT), PERL and RAD. With more than 35,000 users worldwide, OpenMake Software is the leading provider of Enterprise build-to-release software for global 2000 organizations since 1995. OpenMake Software is a member of the Eclipse Foundation, and Serena Software, MKS and CA are among their reseller partners.

OpenMake, OpenMake Mojo, OpenMake Meister are trademarks or a registered trademark of OpenMake Software.

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