Moxa Keeps Network Connection Simple with PoE Unmanaged Switch

With regards to the increased demand for PoE technology in industrial applications, MOXA provides a complete end-to-end solution for any IEEE802.3af PoE compliant unit and Ethernet-enabled device. The EDS-P308 is an 8-port smart Ethernet switch that features PoE on port 1 to 4, and supplies up to 15.4 watts of power per port. By combining the network signal and device power in a single, twisted pair, Ethernet cable connection, EDS-P308 provides economical deployment, increases mobility and simplifies wiring for network connection.

Moxa EDS-P308 8-port PoE smart Ethernet switchTwo additional products will also be released. The SPL-24 is an IEEE802.3af-compliant PoE splitter that distributes power to non-PoE devices, and the DR-75/120-48 is a 48 VDC power supply. The EDS-P308 and SPL-24 simplify wiring in the field, and provide more versatile environment for installing devices.

PoE technology lets you eliminate the need for power outlets when deploying Ethernet-enabled devices. The release of Moxa’s PoE switch promises to flexibly extend an Ethernet network. Detailed information about EDS-P308 is available by contacting our sales representative at

EDS-P308 Industrial 8-Port IEEE802.3af PoE Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

  • 4 IEEE802.3af-compliant PoE and Ethernet combo ports
  • Intelligent power consumption detection and classification
  • Redundant dual VDC power inputs
  • Auto disconnection for over voltage or under voltage
  • -40 to 75oC operating temperature range (T model)

About MOXA
MOXA manufactures device networking products for industrial automation. Information about all MOXA products, which include industrial embedded computers, industrial Ethernet switches, serial device servers, multiport serial cards, embedded device servers, and remote I/O servers, is available on the MOXA’s corporate website. You may also contact MOXA directly by email at, or by phoning +714-528-6777.