MOSAID Receives Exclusive Right to Sub-License LSI Patents

MOSAID Technologies Inc. (TSX:MSD), strengthened its patent licensing program with the announcement of a 10-year patent licensing agreement with LSI Corporation (NYSE:LSI). Effective immediately, MOSAID has the exclusive right to sub-license more than 50 LSI patents relating to memories, digital signal processors (DSPs), microprocessors, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and semiconductor processing technology.

The licensing agreement builds on MOSAID’s recent purchase of fundamental wireless patents from Agere, now merged with LSI. Under the terms of this agreement, LSI has granted MOSAID a 10-year exclusive license, with sublicensing rights, to 50 United States patents and their corresponding foreign counterparts. MOSAID will pay LSI a percentage of the net royalty revenues associated with licensing these patents.

“LSI has a tradition of more than 25 years of innovation. Now, as the new owner of Agere and its portfolio of patents, we plan to continue a successful tradition of enhancing shareholder value through IP licensing,” said John Veschi, Vice President and General Manager of LSI’s IP Business. “MOSAID’s licensing expertise was a major factor in our choosing to enter this relationship.”

“This agreement provides MOSAID with a patent portfolio that opens up new licensing opportunities with respect to a wide range of semiconductor products, and increases the number of companies that we can license,” said Michael Vladescu, Vice President, Licensing and Intellectual Property, MOSAID.

“As an intellectual property company, we are tightly focused on patent licensing,” said John Lindgren, President and CEO, MOSAID. “Today’s agreement aligns with our strategy to continue building a robust patent portfolio through exclusive licenses, acquisitions, and patents on internally developed technology. It also strengthens MOSAID’s campaign to re-license companies with whom we currently have term licenses. Yesterday MOSAID launched HyperLink NAND, a breakthrough, patented Flash memory technology that we will license to semiconductor manufacturers. These two announcements demonstrate our multi-pronged approach to growing the Company’s business.”

MOSAID Technologies Incorporated makes semiconductors better through the development and licensing of intellectual property. MOSAID counts many of the world’s largest semiconductor companies among its customers. Founded in 1975, MOSAID is based in Ottawa, Ontario, with offices in Santa Clara, California.