Electric Cloud Joins Symbian Platinum Program

Electric Cloud has announced that it has joined the Symbian Platinum Program to further support the growing Symbian ecosystem with Electric Cloud’s award-winning software production management solutions. Electric Cloud’s technology is designed to accelerate software builds, enabling Symbian smartphone manufacturers to deliver new phones to market faster with pre-integrated, high-quality applications.

Symbian develops and licenses Symbian OS, the market leading operating system for smartphones. Symbian OS is licensed by the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers and, to date, over 110 million Symbian smartphones have shipped worldwide to over 250 mobile network operators.

Electric Cloud’s solutions, ElectricAccelerator, ElectricInsight and ElectricCommander, are designed to accelerate, analyse and automate software production management, which is the build/package/test/deploy process that follows software design and coding. With Electric Cloud solutions, software developers can reduce build times by as much as 20 times, improve engineering productivity and get to market faster.

“With the proliferation of handset models, mobile phone manufacturers are under increasing pressure to build software more quickly, more frequently and to more targets than ever before,” said Mike Maciag, CEO at Electric Cloud. “Electric Cloud has established a strong presence in the mobile and wireless markets with solutions that boost engineering productivity and enable lightning-fast, top-quality software builds. As a Symbian Platinum Partner, we look forward to strengthening our relationships with Symbian and Symbian smartphone manufacturers contributing to continued innovation on Symbian OS.”

“As an open, standards-based operating system, Symbian OS is highly configurable and extensible, enabling mobile phone manufacturers to tailor smartphone products to meet the most demanding needs across a range of market segments – whether it’s supporting five megapixel camera phones for consumers or push email devices for corporate users. To facilitate this rapid and continued innovation, our customers require best-in-class production tools for testing and managing their software builds as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Jerry Panagrossi, vice president of US operations, Symbian. “Electric Cloud’s production management technology addresses this need and helps fuel innovation by enabling our customers to accelerate product time-to–market.”

About the Symbian Platinum Program
The Symbian Platinum Program includes companies that have a technology or strategic position that is key to the success of mobile computing technology surrounding Symbian OS. As part of the programme, Platinum Partners benefit from a range of commercial services, including technical support and joint marketing opportunities as well as privileged access to Symbian OS source code and a dedicated Partner Support team.

About Electric Cloud
Electric Cloud is the leading provider of software production management solutions that accelerate, automate and analyse the software development tasks that follow the check-in of new code. These include the software build, package, test and deploy processes. The company’s patented and award-winning solutions improve productivity in the face of increasing product complexity and time-to-market pressures for software delivery. Leading companies such as Qualcomm, Intuit, Motorola and Expedia rely on Electric Cloud’s Software Production Management solutions to change software production from a liability to a competitive advantage.

About Symbian
Symbian is a software licensing company that develops and licenses Symbian OS, the market-leading open operating system for advanced, data-enabled mobile phones known as smartphones. Symbian licenses Symbian OS to the world’s leading handset manufacturers and has built close co-operative business relationships with leading companies across the mobile industry. During 2006, 51.7 million Symbian smartphones were sold worldwide to over 250 major network operators, bringing the total number of Symbian smartphones shipped up to 31 December 2006 to 110 million. Symbian has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom, with offices in the United States, England, and Asia (India, P.R. China, Korea, and Japan).