DesignAdvance Rolls Out CircuitSpace v2.1 PCB Design Automation

DesignAdvance(TM) Systems, Inc., a leading developer of innovative design automation software, announced the CircuitSpace(TM) 2.1, a design automation tool for PCB component placement. CircuitSpace 2.1 improves PCB design automation through patented auto-clustering technology, intelligent design reuse and replicated layout. By seamlessly implementing CircuitSpace 2.1 into the PCB design process, designers are able to shorten design cycle timelines by weeks and improve communication between design teams, ultimately saving design costs and improving productivity.

“Today at Credence, many of our boards have repetitious circuits, so when I saw a demonstration of CircuitSpace, I was excited to get the tool. In our first application of CircuitSpace, we saved several days with our initial placement alone,” stated Rick Bearden Sr., PCB Design Manager at Credence Systems Corporation. “Our engineer made several changes to the circuit and CircuitSpace saved us valuable design time and assured us that our designs were complete and not missing components,” continued Mr. Bearden.

Leading technology companies recognize that reductions in PCB design time have a direct impact on time-to-market for new products, which directly correlates to profitability. “Since the initial release of CircuitSpace, we have worked closely with our customers in developing next generation of advanced automation technologies for PCB component placement,” said Edward Pupa, DesignAdvance’s CEO.

CircuitSpace v2.1 implements a hierarchical approach to printed circuit board design through enhanced autoclustering(TM), intelligent design reuse and replication technologies.

Featured Capabilities:

  • AutoClustering(TM)
  • Intelligent physical design reuse and replication
  • Concurrent layout development project wide
  • Template generation for global library usage across divisions
  • Template usage with and without etch
  • Automated layout reference designator propagation
  • Advanced sustaining engineering and ECO process
  • Automated change report between layout designs

CircuitSpace v2.1 is now available. For product pricing information please contact DesignAdvance sales at

About DesignAdvance Systems, Inc.
DesignAdvance Systems, Inc. develops electronic design automation (EDA) and computer aided design (CAD) software tools that drastically reduce the amount of time it takes engineers and designers to develop electrical and mechanical products. Tools from DesignAdvance integrate seamlessly into existing environments and dramatically increase users productivity while significantly reducing time-to-market and time-to-profitability. Corporate headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.