Innovasic Semiconductor Joins Open DeviceNet Vendors Association

Innovasic Semiconductor, a leader in long life-cycle semiconductor solutions, announced that the company has become a member of the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA), whose principal members include Cisco Systems, Eaton Electrical, Omron Corp, Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric.

Innovasic’s membership with the ODVA is part of the company’s Industrial Ethernet strategy for its family of fido(TM) (flexible input deterministic output) 32-bit real-time microcontrollers. The fido microcontroller is the first in a family of chips designed specifically to address the needs of industrial control and communications applications.

“Industrial Ethernet is a key defining protocol for the fido family roadmap,” said Keith Prettyjohns, CEO of Innovasic Semiconductor. “Industrial control I/O modules represent an important application area for the fido family. We have designed fido to address both the deterministic control tasks and the communications tasks required for these modules. Going forward, we plan to introduce new features that we believe will help further the adoption of Industrial Ethernet and bring competitive advantage to our customers, while still maintaining compatibility with standard Ethernet.”

The fido microcontroller features four Universal I/O Controllers (UICs). Each of these is a dedicated RISC engine, which can be programmed to support a variety of I/O protocols. Standard 10/100 Ethernet is one of several I/O protocols directly supported by the UIC. fido’s unique architecture, which includes “RTOS Kernel in a Chip(TM),” an RTOS kernel built into the silicon, which can be used to provide exceptional deterministic performance, enhancing real-time communications.

About ODVA
ODVA is an international association comprised of members from the world’s leading automation companies. Collectively, ODVA and its members support network technologies using the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP(TM)). These currently include DeviceNet(TM), EtherNet/IP(TM), CompoNet(TM), and the major extensions to CIP — CIP Safety(TM), CIP Sync(TM), and CIP Motion(TM). ODVA manages the development of these open technologies, and assists manufacturers and users of CIP Networks through tools, training and marketing activities. In addition, ODVA offers conformance testing to help ensure that products built to its specifications operate in multi-vendor systems. ODVA also is active in other standards’ development organizations and industry consortia to drive the growth of open communication standards.

About Innovasic Semiconductor
Innovasic Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company focused on serving the long life-cycle embedded market. The company has established a world-class reputation for solving obsolescence problems by developing microcontrollers and peripheral ICs that are form, fit and function compatible with an original manufacturer’s part in response to an End of Life notice. Having shipped over a million production ICs, Innovasic has become a trusted partner and an approved vendor to many of the leading industrial equipment manufacturers worldwide.

By developing close partnerships with its customers, the company has not only secured numerous wins for its growing line of replacement microcontrollers, but it has now launched its own family of real-time microcontrollers – specifically designed to solve problems typically overlooked by other semiconductor manufacturers. The new fido brand of microcontrollers have a novel architecture protected by multiple patent applications, while at the same time being compatible with one of the most widely used instruction sets.