TechnoConcepts Rolls Out Lycon-WMB101 WiMAX Evaluation Platform

TechnoConcepts, Inc. (OTCBB:TCPS) announced the commercial availability of its Lycon-WMB101 WiMAX Evaluation Platform, incorporating the Lycon(TM) transmitter and receiver chipset. The Lycon(TM) chip family contains TechnoConcepts’ True Software Radio(R) technology, which provides frequency agility and can be programmed for multiple wireless protocols.

WiMAX is a second generation protocol that allows for more efficient bandwidth use and at higher data rates. WiMAX can provide broadband wireless data access over longer distances, 30 miles (50 KM). The higher data rate over distance allows applications such as streaming mobile video, video conferencing, and IPTV to be more accessible.

The Lycon-WMB101 WiMAX Evaluation Platform allows operations at any frequency between 2GHz and 4GHz. This system lets customers evaluate the technology and easily develop their own applications utilizing the Lycon(TM) family chipset. For example, one programmable chipset could support Sprint’s AWS spectrum, Korean WiBRO at 2.3GHZ, European 2.5 GHz bands and Asian 3.5GHZ.

To utilize the Company’s advanced Lycon(TM) chipset, which contains direct conversion Radio Frequency to Digital (RF/D(TM)) and Digital to Radio Frequency (D/RF(TM)) technology, an advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) baseband was needed. To make this possible, the Company has chosen to use picoChip’s baseband processor and industry standard WiMAX reference design.

“We believe that reconfigurable platforms will be the basis of next generation mobile networks. The combination of picoChip’s reconfigurable baseband solution integrated with TechnoConcepts’ reconfigurable radio makes a very strong platform to address next generation wireless demands,” stated Antonio Turgeon, Chairman and CEO of TechnoConcepts.

Mr. Guillaume d’Eyssautier, President and CEO at picoChip, said, “We are great believers in flexible wireless. Our processor allows OEMs to offer upgradeable baseband, but the innovation and versatility of TechnoConcepts’ True Software Radio(R) lifts this to a whole new level. This is an extremely attractive for any manufacturer wishing to serve multiple markets, and especially valuable for WiMAX with the variety of licenses.”

By utilizing the Lycon(TM) family’s advanced technologies, the Company expects to be able to address the worldwide WiMax marketplace with a single platform. Mr. Turgeon stated, “We believe service providers will achieve significant reductions in overall operations costs when they adopt these TechnoConcepts/picoChip reconfigurable solutions.”

About TechnoConcepts
TechnoConcepts designs, develops and markets semiconductors for wireless communications. The company has developed and patented True Software Radio(R), a proprietary technology that creates convergence for the wireless industry. True Software Radio(R) chipsets are designed to enable cell phones, PDAs, laptops, and infrastructure with different radio frequencies, standards, and protocols to adjust by software command so that they can communicate across otherwise incompatible networks, without the need for multiple radios. True Software Radio(R) chipsets replace the front end, I/F processing, ADC, and digital filtering sections of radios. Because the technology simplifies design and reduces component costs, the Company believes that True Software Radio(R) is an ideal platform for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to develop new wireless broadband, mobile data, cellular, and other next-generation wireless applications.

About picoChip
picoChip,, provides software defined radio solutions to the key challenges of cost, development time and flexibility for the next generation of wireless systems. The company’s multi-core processors deliver a world-beating price/performance combination. Uniquely, the company also delivers complete, standard-compliant reference designs for UMTS (HSDPA, upgradeable to HSUPA) and WiMAX/WiBRO (both 802.16d and 802.16e, with support for AAS and MIMO). WiMAX systems using picoChip are available from Airspan, Intel, Ericsson, Nortel, Marconi and a number of other manufacturers. picoChip technology is also being used to develop other advanced wireless protocols such as UMTS-LTE, 802.20 and TD-SCDMA, and in 4G research.