Over 500 Companies Download Mentor's Algorithmic C Datatypes

Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) announced that more than 500 companies and organizations have downloaded its Algorithmic C(TM) (AC) datatypes. Originally announced in June 2006, AC datatypes are arbitrary-bit-width datatypes based on ANSI C++. They enable algorithm, system and hardware designers to precisely model bit-true behavior in C++ specifications while accelerating simulation speeds by 10-200x faster versus alternate datatypes.

More than 500 companies and organizations worldwide have downloaded AC Datatypes for free from the Mentor Graphics web site. This includes individuals from leading electronics companies, R&D organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, and electronic design automation (EDA) tool vendors.

AC datatypes reduce many of the compromises inherent in previous datatypes. In terms of precision and performance, AC datatypes offer the best of both worlds: the ability to specify arbitrary bit widths, while improving simulation performance by 10-200x versus other datatypes such as SystemC. AC datatypes also solve problems of semantic consistency associated with other datatypes. The semantics of AC datatypes are intuitive and consistent, enabling designers to become proficient in just one day. In contrast, there are semantic differences between limited precision SystemC datatypes (sc_int or sc_fixed_fast), and the arbitrary precision datatypes (sc_bigint or sc_fixed). In reality, proficiency in one SystemC datatype does not ensure familiarity with the others, making it error prone to adjust bit-width in a given design. The AC datatypes have been architected to be easily used with ANSI C++ or SystemC design flows.

“Facilitating rapid progress from design concept to implementation is the core value proposition of electronic system level (ESL) design,” said Shawn McCloud, high-level synthesis product line director, Design Creation and Synthesis Division, Mentor Graphics. “In the algorithmic space, the free AC datatypes from Mentor Graphics increase designer productivity while enabling even greater control over design intent, all in a language that designers already know and trust. We are very happy that designers are embracing this approach and are surprised to see how quickly the new datatype is being adopted.”

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