Knowles Acoustics Announces Ultrasonic Acoustic Sensor

Knowles Acoustics introduces an Ultrasonic Acoustic Sensor (UAS) for use as a component to detect/receive ultrasonic sound in air. The Ultrasonic Acoustic Sensor utilizes the latest technology in MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) to provide a robust mechanical acoustic sensor which performs over a wide environmental range. Sampling and low volume production is being offered now with mass production available beginning of Q2 2007. Pricing is comparative to current piezo ultrasonic receiving sensors on the market.

Compared to conventional Ultrasonic Sensors that have a narrow frequency band of detection, the Knowles sensor is ideal for capturing a wide frequency range applicable to a variety of ultrasonic applications: Ultrasonic Range Detection, Condition Monitoring, Fault detection, Level Sensing and Position Sensing. The sensor can be utilized to monitor and detect frequencies from 10 kHz to 65 kHz with minimal attenuation across the frequency range.

“As the recognized leader in acoustics for a variety of consumer, medical, military and industrial applications, we find that our components are continually being specified into alternative applications from their initial intent. Our new Ultrasonic Sensor is a receiving element that enables the ability to detect multiple frequencies within a single sensing element. Thus, reducing or eliminating the guesswork for customer on identifying the appropriate sensor for the frequency needing to be detected or monitored,” said Angelo Assimakopoulos, Director of New Business Development for Knowles Acoustics.

The Sensors miniaturized surface mountable package design also makes it adaptable to utilize in most Finished Goods as well as Industrial Products.

About Knowles Acoustics
Knowles Acoustics is a division of Knowles Electronics, the world leader in microacoustic technology for the Hearing Health Industry. Leveraging the company’s heritage of 60 plus years supplying acoustic expertise to this market, Knowles Acoustics has applied this capability to new markets and customers. Knowles is a leading supplier of acoustic interface solutions; specifically MEMS surface mount.