FCC Certifies OEM Components in Parco Precis Location System

Parco Wireless has received notification of an equipment authorization awarded by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the OEM sub-components of the company’s Précis Location system. The Précis System utilizes ultra-wideband pulses to provide reliable precision location, hallway positioning, and general proximity. The system includes Parco’s award winning middleware, software and software developer kit (SDK.)

Scott Cohen, CEO of Parco Wireless, views the FCC’s approval of the sub-components as support for many location based advances which enable organizations to better utilize their assets, save time and experience better profitability. “The FCC’s continued support of the ultra-wideband frequency band and products using this technology is revolutionizing how people understand and use location information. Parco has a number of high profile clients that use our legacy location systems — in our pipeline we have customers preparing to deliver the new Précis systems which will be transformative to various industries.” Users of Parco’s legacy systems are eligibile for a special upgrade to the new system.

The UWB tag itself is roughly the same size of a wristwatch and can transmit continuously for nearly five years on a single button cell battery. The Précis is designed to be attached or embedded into moveable equipment. Information location is used within tracking applications to monitor for utilization, maintenance and theft.

Information and pricing for the Précis System is available on Parco’s website and direct from the company at 1-877-754-8535. Parco sells direct to wholesalers and developers. Equipment is available from distributors and mail-order catalogs such as CDW. Product identification numbers, specifics of the FCC approval, and other technical information will be updated on the corporate website this month.

About Parco
Parco provides the safest asset and personnel location solution. With Parco, one simple architecture enables and provides several beneficial uses to multiple industries. The Parco software provides for rapid and easy integration with most tracking systems to provide precise, accurate, and automatic data entry for reporting. Parco’s Précis Location System provides the most reliable and repeatable data available today.