ThingMagic Rolls Out Mercury5e Developer Kit for RFID Reader

ThingMagic, Inc., a leading developer of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, announced details of its Developer Kit for the Mercury5e reader module at the RFID Journal Live! Conference. The company is also providing attendees with the opportunity to witness Mercury readers accurately reading tags immersed in a glass of water, and on foil packaging and metals cans of soup. ThingMagic is conducting these hands on demonstrations, utilizing the Mercury5e Developer Kit, in Booth 517 throughout the conference.

“These RFID applications have long been considered the most complex, inaccurate and difficult, but advances in tag and Mercury reader technology in the past year have enabled us to accurately read tags in these real world conditions,” said Kevin Ashton, vice president, marketing at ThingMagic. “We’re addressing one of the last major barriers to RFID adoption for pharma, food distribution and other markets that have some fraction of products that include liquids and aluminum and foil packaging. ThingMagic Mercury readers can read the latest Generation 2 tags in virtually any environment and application, and we encourage attendees to come witness this for themselves.”

The Mercury5e Developer Kit is a comprehensive tool that enables rapid evaluation and design-in of ThingMagic’s Mercury5e embedded UHF RFID Generation 2 reader. Supporting a fast, efficient evaluation, design and engineering process, the Developer Kit contains:

  • One (1) Mercury5e module running the MercuryOS embedded operating system
  • One (1) 6′ 9-pin D-sub serial data cable
  • One (1) UHF external (strip) antenna
  • One (1) 9V power supply
  • One (1) power adaptor
  • Sample tags
  • Windows XP-based GUI software for fast demonstration, development, configuration and debugging
  • Full developer documentation
  • Free developer e-mail support, enabling fast help for basic development problems

Developer kits are available for order now, priced at $1,495 plus shipping. ThingMagic accepts major credit cards and official purchase orders. To place an order, call 1-866-833-4069 (International callers, dial +1-617-499-4090) and ask for Martha McQuade. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.

About ThingMagic, Inc.
Founded in 2000 and based in Cambridge, MA, ThingMagic is a leading developer of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Mercury5(R), ThingMagic’s fifth generation RFID reader platform, builds on and substantially enhances the company’s original platform created for early field tests of the Electronic Product Code (EPC). Designed to meet the business needs of a future where networked objects are pervasive, the Mercury line of RFID readers also includes a DRM-certified reader, Mercury4, and the embedded reader modules, Mercury4e and Mercury5e. Mercury RFID readers are the only RFID readers that can claim to read any tag(R).