CPU Tech Unveils SystemLab PS Real-time Platform Simulators

The Test and Measurement Business Unit of CPU Technology, Inc.(R) (CPU Tech), a leading supplier of high performance, System-on-a-Chip based computing solutions, announced the launch of a new line of real time platform simulators. For the first time, developers of complex systems such as vehicles, airplanes, ships, satellites and robots, can model entire platforms and execute actual software at real time speeds before physical implementation. SystemLab PS(TM) virtualization offers unprecedented visibility into system behavior, resulting in dramatically reduced time to market. Shipments to launch customers are scheduled to begin in late 2007.

CPU Tech SystemLab PS Realtime Platform SimulatorThe SystemLab PS combines the power of CPU Tech’s previously announced SuperQ X3 supercomputer running the industry leading SystemLab software, a large scale system virtual modeling environment. The X3 accelerates SystemLab to the real-time performance level. The SystemLab PS product line includes hardware, enterprise software, model development, custom library elements, training and support.

“The SystemLab PS product line alters the world of electronic system design and integration in the same way that x-ray imaging radically changed the practice of medicine,” said Ed King, CPU Tech CEO. “For the first time, engineers can see inside the electronics of an entire platform during actual real time software execution.”

About CPU Technology, Inc.
CPU Technology, Inc. develops and supplies Compatible System-on-a-Chip solutions for the high-end computing market. The company’s products and services directly address the challenges associated with the transformation of microprocessor-based electronic systems to the SoC / MultiCore era. CPU Tech is a privately held company founded in 1989 with headquarters in Pleasanton, CA, and business development offices in Reston, VA. Current investors include The Carlyle Group. Visit www.cputech.com for additional information.