Synapse Controls SNAP ZigBee Wireless Networks

Synapse announced its Portal PC-based software for configuring and controlling of SNAP(TM) (Synapse Network Appliance Protocol(TM)) and ZigBee(R) wireless networks. Synapse Portal(R) network administration software allows the user to configure and change complex behavior of End Devices without complex programming using simple scripts to define behavior. Versions of Synapse Portal can also support up to 65,000 devices, provide an accessible API (Application Programming Interface) for interfacing with third-party applications, and have Internet accessibility so users can configure, control, and monitor their network and devices from anywhere.

In a SNAP-based network as soon as a Synapse End Device has been incorporated into the network, the PC-based Synapse Portal software administrator can be used to configure the behavior of the End Device. As an example, this configuration allows the user to tell an End Device to do the following:

“If the reading from the sensor on Synapse End Device A falls outside the xxx to yyy range of values, turn off the relay on Synapse End Device B.”

With Synapse Portal, once such commands (as the above example) have been issued; the command is embedded in the End Device. Synapse Portal can then be disconnected from the network, if required, and the Coordinator and End Devices can be left to perform their required tasks.

Portal Lite is included in Synapse’s Network Evaluation Kit and Portal Silver(TM) will be available May 18th, 2007. Larger network support, full ZigBee support, Application Programming Interface (API), and Internet support will be available later this year in Portal Gold and Portal Platinum (scheduled for Q3/Q4 ’07).

Key Portal Features

  • Intuitive graphical display of network
  • Simple right-click interface for configuring End Devices
  • Simple scripting for configuring end device behavior
  • USB or serial port interface to Coordinator module
  • Supports up to 65,000 End Device modules
  • Allows LAN or internet access to the SNAP network
  • Allows configuration of End Devices with simple scripts that download into the End Device automatically


  • Synapse Portal Lite: Included with Synapse Evaluation Kit only
  • Synapse Portal Silver: $249 (available May 18th, 2007)

About Synapse Wireless Solutions
Wireless control and monitoring networks are undergoing exponential growth in industries as diverse as Building Automation, Industrial Control, Inter-modal Shipping, Manufacturing, and Transportation. Companies using Synapse SNAP-based wireless control and monitoring networks can reduce their time-to-implement, time-to-market, and time-to-profit. The combination of SNAP’s small memory-footprint coupled with its high-performance, low-power, and ease-of-use features make it the obvious choice for the vast majority of intelligent wireless network applications.

About Synapse
Synapse is the emerging leader for intelligent wireless control networking solutions. Including hardware, firmware, and software; Synapse provides a complete range of low-cost, off-the-shelf and custom end-to-end wireless network solutions.

All Synapse(R) products are patent pending.