TechnoConcepts Creates WiMAX Demonstration Platform

TechnoConcepts, Inc. (OTCBB:TCPS), announced that it has completed a True Software Radio(R)(TSR) based WiMAX platform, which incorporates its Radio Frequency to Digital (RF/D) and Digital to Radio Frequency (D/RF) technology integrated with a commercially available baseband processor and wireless standard.

The platform implements a RF interface for Mobile WiMAX using the company’s proprietary TSR(R) chipset including the RF/D receiver with digital baseband output, and the D/RF transmitter with digital baseband input. Baseband processing is performed by a software reconfigurable processor board. The platform operates at up to 10MHz bandwidth and up to 3.5GHz band RF channels. In addition, programmability of RF and baseband functions is implemented to support testing of other wireless protocols and modulations.

“This is a significant milestone for the company in the commercialization of the TSR technology,” stated Antonio Turgeon, Chairman and CEO of TechnoConcepts. Turgeon noted that Streaming video is transmitted through a wireless link running standard communications software and Windows networking to demonstrate the performance of the platform and its full end to end integration from RF to application software.

Turgeon further noted that the company has been preparing a video training guide of this demonstration platform in operation, which can be provided to interested business organizations under a non-disclosure agreement. The company currently is manufacturing more circuit board sets which are commercially available to interested business prospects.

About TechnoConcepts
TechnoConcepts designs, develops and markets semiconductors for wireless communications. The company has developed and patented True Software Radio(R), a proprietary technology that creates convergence for the wireless industry. True Software Radio(R) chipsets are designed to enable cell phones, PDAs, laptops, and other mobile devices with different radio frequencies, standards, and protocols to adjust by software command so that they can communicate directly with each other, across otherwise incompatible networks, without the need for multiple radios. True Software Radio(R) chipsets replace the front end, I/F processing, ADC, and digital filtering sections of digital radios. Because the technology simplifies design and reduces component costs, the Company believes that True Software Radio(R) is an ideal platform for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to develop new wireless broadband, mobile data, cellular, and other next-generation wireless applications.