QuickLogic Debuts ArcticLink Solution Platform for Mobile Devices

QuickLogic(R) Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), the lowest power programmable solutions leader, announced it is now shipping its revolutionary ArcticLink(TM) solution platform. It reduces design time and risk for the mobile market by embedding high performance host controllers, a programmable fabric for implementing additional controllers and peripheral connectivity, as well as a selectable processor interface – all in a single, low power device. The ArcticLink solution platform meets the need for mobile devices to integrate a wide variety of wireless, storage and image/video technology by providing designers solutions including USB 2.0 High Speed OTG, SD/MMC memory, High Speed SDIO for Wi-Fi and Mobile TV, CE-ATA and IDE Hard Disk Drive, and a vast library of other production-proven solutions.

The ArcticLink solution platform is representative of QuickLogic’s Customer Specific Standard Product (CSSP) philosophy, which combines application-specific hard-wired logic with a low-power programmable fabric for implementing additional, customer-specific functionality. This CSSP technology offers mobile product OEMs and ODMs a unique combination of integration, flexibility, small form factor packaging and low cost.

Reinforcing the market need for this technology, the ArcticLink solution platform has already been adopted by a major mobile device OEM; that customer is now receiving shipments of the ArcticLink solution platform, with the on-board programmable fabric customized by QuickLogic to meet the exact requirements of the OEM.

For designers wishing to explore ArcticLink’s capabilities, engineering samples of the ArcticLink solution platform in an 8×8 mm package are now available from QuickLogic. Contact the QuickLogic sales offices for more information and to order samples.

About QuickLogic
QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) is the leading provider of the lowest power programmable solutions for the portable electronics, industrial, communications and military markets. Our latest products, ArcticLink(TM), PolarPro(TM), Eclipse II(TM) and QuickPCI(R) are being used to implement bridge and control solutions in embedded systems requiring Wi-Fi, DVB-H and IDE or CE-ATA-based disk drives. QuickLogic’s proprietary ViaLink(R) technology offers significant benefits for programmable logic, including the lowest power, instant on capability and bulletproof intellectual property security. The company is located at 1277 Orleans Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1138.

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