CoFluent Studio Becomes Part of CIM PACA Collaborative Research Platform

CoFluent Design, an Electronic System Level (ESL) company focused on delivering state-of-the-art software solutions for early system architecture exploration and performance analysis, announced that its flagship product CoFluent Studio(TM) was selected as part of the CIM PACA collaborative research platform.

The CIM PACA (Centre Intégré de Microélectronique Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur) offers to its members, including Atmel, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, the University of Nice and other public research labs, three collaborative research platforms for the development of microelectronics applications.

CoFluent Studio joined the “Design” platform as architecture exploration and performance analysis solution.

This platform serves developers or microelectronic chips at the heart of secured communicating devices. The goal of the CIM PACA Design platform is to offer to the local industrial and academic community the tools and techniques allowing them to address the challenges of the design of integrated circuits for the next decade in the field of secured communicating solutions.

Research priorities include innovative system-on-chip (SoC) designs, wireless communications and security, with the objective to reach an optimal use of technology capacities and define mature design processes.

“CoFluent Studio is already well implanted in the PACA region where we have one of our major customers,” said Stéphane Leclercq, CEO of CoFluent Design. “The CIM PACA platform will allow the local actors of the microelectronics industry and research community to benefit from CoFluent’s unique mapping technology. This is a great opportunity for us to further strengthen our relations with world-leading semiconductor companies.”

“The University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis is a source of strong expertise and experience with CoFluent’s products and technologies as computer engineering students of the Polytech’Nice-Sophia and researchers at the CNRS/LEAT labs are already using CoFluent Studio,” said Fabrice Muller, Associate Professor at Polytech’Nice-Sophia, researcher at LEAT labs and participant in CIM PACA projects. “This pool of available competences, combined with the experience of real industrial projects, is the key of a successful adoption of innovative tools like CoFluent Studio that are required to address next-generation SoC challenges.”

About CoFluent Design
CoFluent Design provides integrated solutions to bridge the gap between the specification of an electronic system and its implementation. Its CoFluent Studio(TM) ESL modeling and simulation software environment allows developers of electronic devices and chips to:

  • DECIDE: Securely predict behavior and performance from partial software and hardware for design validation at all stages
  • SHARE: Provide system executable specifications rather than static documents for common hardware / software reference
  • CAPITALIZE: Capture projects’ system design expertise in enterprise model libraries for easier and faster innovation

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