Arcom to Wear PC at Embedded Masterclass

Embedded computer manufacturer, Arcom, will be demonstrating their Zypad WL1000 wearable PC at the forthcoming embedded systems event, the Embedded Masterclass, 3rd May near Cambridge. The Zypad WL1000 packs the power of an industrial PC into a form that’s ergonomically designed and sized to fit an operator’s wrist.

The Zypad’s WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS communications channels ensure uninterrupted connection irrespective of the wearer’s location. Using the Linux or Windows CE operating system, the unit can be quickly configured to access any remote host through integrated wired or wireless interfaces.

Arcom Zypad WL1000 wearable PCThe Zypad also features an innovative, patented tilt and dead reckoning system. This could detect if the wearer has remained motionless for longer than a specified time and, if so, transmits a location beacon via GPS, allowing colleagues to react quickly and effectively to any problem. This feature also saves energy and extends battery life by switching to Standby mode when the users arm is relaxed, next to their body.

“This is a great example of today’s embedded technology,” said Richard Blackburn of Energi, the organiser of the event. “The focus of the event will be on the acceleration of electronic product development, and innovative off-the-shelf computing platforms such as the Zypad WL1000 will be of great interest to many of the engineers that will be attending.”

The Embedded Masterclass has attracted many of the leading vendors that create the technology used by the developers of hi-tech systems. They will be exhibiting the latest embedded technologies such as software development tools, hardware development platforms, debugging tools and test and analysis equipment. Over 80 engineers have registered to attend the free one-day event, with only a few places remaining.

“The Embedded Masterclass has proven to be a great forum for embedded software engineers to meet with the vendors of this type of technology to share information on the latest developments, tools and new projects.” said Richard Blackburn. “In addition to the table-top exhibition, there is also a full agenda of technical presentations which will discuss a number of new concepts that can accelerate product development.”

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About Arcom
Arcom (a Eurotech Group S.p.A company) is a leading supplier of embedded computer and communications technology to industry. Founded in 1982, Arcom has developed a broad range of standard embedded hardware and software solutions for control, data acquisition and data delivery systems. From its design centres in Cambridge (UK) and Kansas City (US), Arcom also offers Design Services to meet the needs of high volume OEM and specialised customer requirements.