WinTranslator 3 Features UML Class Model Generation from C# Source Code

Excel Software began shipping WinTranslator 3.0 for generating models from source code. This major upgrade adds support for C#, a new User¹s Guide, sample projects and step-by-step tutorials. C# is a modern object-oriented language that supports component-oriented programming with fields, methods, properties and events. UML class diagrams show relationships between C# classes, interfaces, structs and their generic counterparts. WinTranslator scans C# source code to extract design information to a text file that is imported into WinA&D to automatically generate models.

The WinA&D modeling tool supports UML models enriched with C# language specific details to automatically generate code from models. Within WinA&D, class diagrams contain diagram objects linked directly to the associated code. An integrated code browser provides seamless diagram to code navigation.

WinTranslator captures classes, interfaces and structs with all class members including fields, methods, properties, indexers, events, constructors, destructors and operators. It also captures generics, namespaces, C# declarative attributes, partial types and nested types.

WinTranslator generates models and dictionary information from legacy source code, class frameworks, open source projects and other reusable code assets. It provides a fully automated, step-by-step process to quickly create diagrams and dictionary information that documents an unfamiliar project.

  • Project Scalability to Millions of Code Lines Across Thousands of Files and Folders
  • Class Models from Object-Oriented C++, C#, Java, Delphi or Ada
  • Rich Data Models from SQL
  • Structure Charts from Procedural C, Pascal, Basic or Fortran
  • Multi-Level Diagrams with Objects Linked to Associated Source Code
  • Data Types, Arguments, Namespaces and Comments Captured from Code

WinTranslator for Windows is $495 for a Single User License and works in conjunction with the WinA&D, QuickUML or QuickCRC modeling tools.

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