Varisys Introduces VTM2 6U Form Factor, Dual PMC Module

The VTM2 is an industry standard 6U form factor, dual PMC carrier. The VTM2 enables communication between a VME chassis and up to two industry standard (IEEE 1386.1) PMC modules. The VTM2 can be deployed in a wide range of applications – for example telecommunications, medical imaging and industrial automation. PMC’s deliver the flexibility of PCI add-in cards to embedded systems designers, in a more rugged and compact form factor. PMC’s are available from Varisys as well as many other third party vendors and offer a variety of I/O, FPGA, general purpose processing and DSP functions.

Varisys VTM2 6U Form Factor, Dual PMC ModuleThe VTM2 uses a Tundra Tsi148 to connect the VMEbus to the on-board PCI bus supporting the latest protocols, including 2eSST and 2eVME transfers, as well as VME64 extensions. Legacy protocol support ensures interoperability with older systems and devices.

The on-board PCI bus connects the Tsi148 to the two PMC sites, and supports a full range of operating modes from regular 32 bit PCI at 33MHz right up to 64 bit PCI/X at 100MHz.Inter PMC site data communication and routing of user I/O to P0 are both options that can be specified at the time of ordering.

Varisys designs and manufactures products for high performance embedded computing applications. Their products and services portfolio covers development platforms through to cost engineered, custom designed solutions for high volume production.

Varisys key markets include aerospace, military, telecommunications, vetronics and industrial control. Varisys work in partnership with their clients providing cost effective, leading edge technology for the most demanding applications. For pricing and delivery information please email