Jacket Micro Devices Rolls Out Front-End Module for WiMAX Devices

Jacket Micro Devices, Inc. (JMD) announced the launch of the M30001, a highly integrated and performance optimized WiMAX front end module containing all active and passive components required to interface WiMAX transceivers more directly to the antenna. The M30001 product line is designed to address device OEM requirements for 4G multi-mode, multi-band applications where size, performance and cost are critical. JMD’s M30001 reduces critical board space and power requirements, supports virtually any transceiver or baseband architecture, and simplifies RF design through higher levels of component integration.

“Our customers are excited to learn about our expanding family of front-end modules for multiple WiMAX bands and regions,” said Chris Conlin, vice president, marketing and sales, JMD. “As the industry moves towards smaller form factors, more complex feature sets and more stringent power requirements, JMD is positioned to offer customers a highly differentiated, fully qualified product portfolio supporting all major WiMAX frequency bands. Our goal is to make mobile broadband more easily delivered in every market.”

The product is the newest of JMD’s 802.16e family of front-end modules designed to support WiMAX applications in Asian, European and North American markets. JMD’s products support the IEEE 802.16e-2005 interface definition, with built-in power detection and coupling. The M30001 is a fully matched 40-pin, full-duplex front-end module in a small and efficient 7.5mm x 7mm x 1.4mm LGA package. JMD’s WiMAX front-end modules will be available for sampling in Q2 2007.

About Jacket Micro Devices (JMD)
Jacket Micro Devices (JMD) is a worldwide supplier of integrated RF modules for high performance wireless products. JMD’s patented Multi-Layer organic (MLO) technology defines a revolutionary, system-on-package (SOP) approach to RF modules for wireless products and is ideal for wireless systems engineers who need to design compact wireless products. Unlike modules made with ceramic and other technologies, JMD’s products can be rapidly customized and higher levels of integration, resulting in fewer external components and faster time to market. With JMD modules, manufacturers can push the boundaries of size and performance as they develop – and deliver – new, innovative wireless products. For more information, call +1 (404) 961-7240.