EtherWaves Debuts FPGA Based Digital Broadcasting Receiver Accelerator

ClearSignal-Accel, the latest addition to EtherWaves’ family of Digital Radio products, is an innovative solution that enables ODM and OEM to add multi-standard DAB/DAB+/DMB receiver capability to Consumer Electronic devices, such as Internet Radios, or MP3 players. It also brings new opportunities for manufactures of multimedia processors, to deliver feature-rich complete Digital radio solutions, by partnering with EtherWaves.

The accelerator comprises a low-cost off-the-shelf FPGA and a software application. The software is designed to be easily ported to the client’s existing processor, such as a DSP or ARM, or to a multimedia processor while consuming a minimal amount of resources.

“By using the existing system processor and only adding an FPGA, ClearSignal-Accel enables designers to enjoy the advantages of soft defined radio without having to invest in new processors’ costly learning cycles. This is achievable via the intelligent distribution of tasks between the software and FPGA for minimizing the size of the FPGA needed and the transfer rate between the FPGA and the processor. The beauty of ClearSignal-Accel’s agnostic software is that it is optimized for running together with the customer’s applications,” said Linda Kedem, EtherWaves’ Marketing Manager.

“We are enabling more target markets to deliver Digital Radio functionality without having to invest in new infrastructure,” she adds.

Supporting multi-broadcasting standards (DAB, DAB+, T-DMB, and DRM), ClearSignal-Accel implements de-facto parallel processing that can be used for a variety of sophisticated features, such as the capability to simultaneously receive two programmes.

Based upon its proven ClearSignal software technology, in the near future, ClearSignal-Accel will also feature MobileTV capability for Consumer Electronic devices.

About EtherWaves
EtherWaves Ltd. develops and licenses Digital Radio and Mobile TV Intellectual Property (IP), targeting the Automotive, System-On-Chip (SoC) and Consumer Electronics markets. EtherWaves uses its core competencies and expertise to develop Digital Broadcast Receiving solutions based on Software and Silicon IP. The company’s IMSiS(TM) technology enables multi-standard Digital Broadcasting high-quality reception in ClearSignal’s products. Our products currently support DAB, DAB+, T-DMB, DRM and FM and will also comply with HD Radio, DMB-T (China), ISDB-T, and DVB-H. EtherWaves is a privately held company with headquarters in Israel.

ClearSignal, IMSiS and ClearSignal-Accel are trademarks of EtherWaves Ltd.