Fluffy Spider Technologies, Open Kernel Labs Form Alliance

Fluffy Spider Technologies (FST), a world leader in the development of user interface technology for embedded devices, and Open Kernel Labs (OK), a global provider of embedded operating systems and virtualisation technology, announce a joint
research, development and marketing alliance. This benefits OEM’s and end-users of consumer, mobile, commercial and industrial devices.

FST and OK’s technology enables OEM’s to quickly and easily develop highly secure and innovative feature-rich devices through advanced graphics and high-performance multi-media platforms while reducing hardware resource requirements and development costs.

FST and OK are working together to develop products such as smart phones, TV set-top boxes, point-of-service terminals, in-car systems and building automation devices that meet and pre-empt current market demands. The alliance also offers OEM’s the option of outsourcing the complete development lifecycle of these next generation products.

“We look forward to the ongoing collaborative delivery of products that enable OEM’s to further differentiate themselves and offer better end-user service through highly innovative and secure devices,” said Robi Karp, CEO, Fluffy Spider Technologies.

This announcement builds upon an initial Memorandum of Understanding (dated 30 May 2006) between National ICT Australia Limited – Australia’s ICT Research Centre of Excellence (NICTA) and Fluffy Spider Technologies. The previous agreement with NICTA (the incubator for OK) began the joint research between the two groups that has generated the technology leading to the current business opportunities for both organisations.

“From our initial engagement with FST to date, our collaboration has created many commercial opportunities,” said Steve Subar, CEO and Co-Founder of Open Kernel Labs. “We are actively involved with world-leading OEM’s who have expressed a high level of interest in the joint technology offerings. We expect to announce these relationships within the year.”

FST’s award-winning embedded GUI platform, FancyPants, offers an unparalleled user experience, enabling OEM’s to create embedded applications with a breathtaking look and feel. FancyPants is easily integrated into embedded operating systems and micro-kernels and meets the rigorous demands required in embedded environments.

About Fluffy Spider Technologies P/L
FST specializes in providing advanced GUI and high-performance multimedia products for embedded application development, backed by comprehensive custom development services. Since 1995, clients include Toshiba, VeriFone, Ericsson, HP, Optus, Vodafone and GEC. FST also has a Memorandum of Understanding with NICTA – Australia’s ICT Research Centre of Excellence. For more information on FST and its products, email: info@fluffyspider.com.

About Open Kernel Labs
Open Kernel Labs’ (OK) technology leadership in embedded operating systems and virtualization technology enables the development of reliable, trustworthy and affordable devices. OK’s open-source microkernel operating system, OKL4, offers the highest proven performance combined with strong protection and security features in order to provide developers with a robust, open-source platform for building secure, differentiated embedded applications.

NICTA is a national research institute with a charter to build Australia’s pre-eminent Centre of Excellence for information and communications technology (ICT). NICTA is building capabilities in ICT research, research training and commercialisation in the ICT sector for the generation of national benefit. National ICT Australia is funded by the Australian Government as represented by the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, and the Australian Research Council through Backing Australia’s Ability and the ICT Centre of Excellence program.

NICTA was established and is supported by its members: The Australian Capital Territory Government; The Australian National University; NSW Department of State and Regional Development; and The University of New South Wales. NICTA is also supported by its partners: The University of Sydney; University of Melbourne; the Victorian Government; the Queensland Government; Griffith University; Queensland University of Technology; and The University of Queensland.